Lesson 1 Lego Robotics

Group Members: Oliver, Liam, Noah and Cadel

What did we do?

My group and I made a LEGO robot with a bunch of wires and parts of LEGO. It worked well as we all shared roles; one of us would build and one would help the builder whilst the other two ran around trying to find parts. We weren’t the first to finish but we made it fairly quickly with perseverance and team work. Soon we were playing around with it, programming it to go forward, backward, right and left. We named our robot RIPPER.

What should we do next?

We are hoping to attach a spade onto it by adding LEGO parts so that it can pick things up and move them out of the way.

What did we do well?

We communicated well so it was quicker and we kept persevering.

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