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Lego robotics day #3

I am going to show you the finished robot it has taken about 3 or 4 weeks and we are up to the tearing it is quite hard but it has been kind of fun the name we are thinking about the name Kassie or KAS 8 (I think KAS 8 is better).

robotics day #2

week three update 2 , my group and I are now starting a dance f0r our robot also her name is KAS 8 (the robot). I will be showing you a photo of my group and our robot. the coding was really fun we have done a strait line than Alexa went to Mr McKie  to get us some help because we could not get the robot to got perfectly strait. 

Lego robotics day #1

last week my group and i started our robot out of Lego it looks amazing it had 46 steps we are now up to coding and putting on the sensors. One robot can dance!! it is so cool you can also make music! also next week i hope we do something like coding more.