Year 6 science – What is Matter

Today in science we talked about what is matter i learnt that there are 5 states of matter did you know that?


What Is Matter

What is matter well matter is…

  • Solids 
  • Liquids 
  • Gas 
  • Plasma
  • Rupidie

Did you know matter is anything that has weight and take up space?

All matter is made up of substances called elements which have specific chemical and physical property.

Let me tell you some things about some of these stated.


Solid has mas has a definite volume and shape. Atoms are tightly packed which helps them to hold their shape.


Liquid is the same as solid but there isn’t a definite shape so they will take the shape of their container and the atoms are further apart so they can move around.


Gas has mass no definite shape but will take the shape of the container shape no definite volume and the atoms are far apart.

As you can see most of the states are very similar here is a picture of some of the states and what they look like,


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