Beetle Blocks

Beetle Blocks and turtle art 

This Term 5c has been set a task to go on a website called Beetle Blocks. Beetle Blocks is a website that can make you 3D print you need to do code to make it all work. here’s a example of what you have to do.

That’s just the photo of it hear is the code.









There is a lot of code for it but all you had to do was do it once and then duplicate it over and over again just making it bigger. When i first started i thought it was to hard but when i put effort into it. it turned out looking like this…





The hardest part off this project was getting to know how to use the blocks. There are about 25 blocks but i use them more than 1 time i use them about 5 times in 1. This is my code for turtle art and my photo






Turtle art is complicated at first but when you find out how to use the blocks its super easy talking about super easy its the same as beetle blocks here is a photo of Beetle blocks and turtle art tell me if you can see many differences…



And here is a photo of some of my code and my picture…











Taking Apart a DVD Player

This term Mr Colbert set 5c a task to try and take something apart that can fit in side a shoe box. I chose a DVD Player. Tap in the photo to see it better. This is my plan of what it looks like…



This is what it looked like when I took my first piece apart…

You can see that there is a rectangular blue and grey thing witch Is a battery. I have finished that part. I will show you a photo with the battery taken out…

Ive took it all apart now so I will show you a photo of all the pieces placed out upside down…



know i will show you a photo of all of the pieces upside…





The challenging part for me was to cut out the battery’s because lots of cords were connected to it.





This term Hunter and Myself have been set a task by working out how to use blocked based code and java script on Sphero.

This is the code for the hot potato game…

I don’t have all the photos yet because hunter is sending me them tommorow


The hardest part was watching all the videos then copying it a cross.


we didn’t get the java script done and because it didn’t work.


























Right click and then open it on windows 

Mini Golf

This is my Mini Golf Project

What im hoping to get out of this is to have a smooth running and working project what were trying to make is a Target Golf.

This is our plan





Hardest Part

The building stage is the hardest in my opinion as a team were hoping to get it going and working before the end of this term. Tom is mostly doing the building and mine is the blog and archers is helping tom so also building and Alex is still doing the blog with me but we still rotating around its really fun.

This is what it looks like now

We are still working on it.

The code isn’t ready yet we also have another idea were we have a volcano and there are three holes and they all go out in a different way one goes left, one goes right, and one goes the right way to the hole. There are all different obstacles if you scroll up there are all the things there even the fairs wheel the volcano isn’t on there because we thought of it after our plan.

This is a wind mill and its coded by Alex Wilson who is also in our group and he also made it I hope you think it looks good go check out there blogs after this… This is what the Wind mill does it goes in Cercals and if you go to the very fist picture you will see it close to the start its our first obstical we made. Its coded by lego robotics. We will show you what the wind mill looks like now…

That’s all finished I hope you liked the wind mill at the end of making the blog you can scroll to the bottom and check out the video of it working.

This is what the wood finished out to be

Its finished that part but that’s just the base of it because we will have 3 pipes and goes through it and the volcano that were getting up to the volcano hopefully looks terrific we will put the volcano on top of the three pipes. I think it will turn out really well.

This is the wind mill working


I hope you like it that’s were the start is if you scroll to the top it will be right at the start. This is the code of the wind mill…

We have to designs the one you saw from the top is our first design we haven’t yet shown you the second I hope you have liked everything so far.

Were going to the part were we get little characters and yous a moter to make them spin.

We have made a drone that has lights on it to light it up.

This is a car that we made and it will carry the ball to the finish and it will drop the ball then leave and go back to its original spot.

I will update toy every week at least 2 times.


All the stuff i have showed you is just a rough copy of it we are making our good copy at home…



This is the finished copy what it looks like…





And this is it working…




We still havent got the wind mill in it you might see one but the other ones still needs a repaired.


This is what the wind mill one

and two


look like.


Lego Robotics

We are making a fast car with Lego the coding helps it move. There are sensors that can make it follow a line. We all got allocated a job, I worked mostly on the coding while Tom worked on the construction and Angus worked on the camera and assisted me with coding. I will show you our robot, but first let’s take a look at the coding.




We used EV3 to code. It was tricky at first but got easier after completing a few blocks.

I’ve been enjoying this project, building and trying new things. At my old school I didn’t get this opportunity. I’ve loved working with my friends to make this robot. In my opinion the coding works really well with your friends because you can learn together.

This is what our robot looks like. Unfortunately someone broke our first two attempts so we couldn’t complete a fast car however we managed to make a sling shot on wheels. The wheels will move to the spot it knows its heading towards. On top we have a pin ball getting slung into a cup.


It’s been really fun but challenging when someone took our pieces. We didn’t get it complete but we enjoyed working on the project.

This is how it works:










Kite investergation in maths

For this maths lesson we had to make kites. We had to investigate the angles of the kite.

We had to put the angles together to make 360 degrees.

If we dived 3 from 360 its 120.



If I  devideed it by 4 I know its 90 degrees.





Next we had to


Humming Bird Project


This is my first drawing and Materials, Sensors, Moters and many more this is what they are called.



This is a board of were we connect all the cords so it works when we press when clicked or when space.





NBL Project

My goal is to teach Australian settlers a sport that the we will know if they come from America.

Debug II (Music)