Lego Robotics

We are making a fast car with Lego the coding helps it move. There are sensors that can make it follow a line. We all got allocated a job, I worked mostly on the coding while Tom worked on the construction and Angus worked on the camera and assisted me with coding. I will show you our robot, but first let’s take a look at the coding.




We used EV3 to code. It was tricky at first but got easier after completing a few blocks.

I’ve been enjoying this project, building and trying new things. At my old school I didn’t get this opportunity. I’ve loved working with my friends to make this robot. In my opinion the coding works really well with your friends because you can learn together.

This is what our robot looks like. Unfortunately someone broke our first two attempts so we couldn’t complete a fast car however we managed to make a sling shot on wheels. The wheels will move to the spot it knows its heading towards. On top we have a pin ball getting slung into a cup.


It’s been really fun but challenging when someone took our pieces. We didn’t get it complete but we enjoyed working on the project.

This is how it works:










Kite investergation in maths

For this maths lesson we had to make kites. We had to investigate the angles of the kite.

We had to put the angles together to make 360 degrees.

If we dived 3 from 360 its 120.



If I  devideed it by 4 I know its 90 degrees.





Next we had to


Humming Bird Project


This is my first drawing and Materials, Sensors, Moters and many more this is what they are called.



This is a board of were we connect all the cords so it works when we press when clicked or when space.





NBL Project

My goal is to teach Australian settlers a sport that the we will know if they come from America.

Debug II (Music)

Debug 1.0