Our don bradman

our don Bradman is a book about a little boy called victor who is suffering from the great depression victor loves cricket and even plays for his school in the year 8 team and he also admires don Bradman but he doesn’t just watch don Bradman he meets him

I like this book because it envolves cricket and I love cricket

I give this book 4.5/5

design term 4

this term for our design project Xavier and I are making and programing lego wedo 2 cars so far we have made 2 of them xav and I have raced them a couple of times  but you can’t succeed if there no problems the car started turning ! so Xavier and I worked tested and designed   a new way for the cars so far we have 2 cars with 1 work in progress

when xav and I have finished were going to build a race track and race them the car that is a work in progress is meant to be a  4×4  (4 wheel drive) at the moment xav and I are doing very well with our project here are some photos and videos of xav and I testing out the cars by the way the 4×4 does not look like that today this was 2 weeks ago

this is the first official race the great race part 1 the favourite in this is the buggy z4

the car with the most problems is the 4×4 we have rebuilt it about 6 times at one stage it was  so slow it would lose to the corvette at the moment we are designing a race track for them to race on the buggy z4 holds the record for the most wins in races in a row its won 7

here is a photo of the new and improved corvette Friday the 16th of November

today Xavier and I did the statistics of the cars


height 10 cm

length 14 cm

width 11 cm

10 meter time trail 29 seconds


height 6cm

length 11 cm

width 9 cm

10 meter time trail 32 seconds


height 9 cm

length 13 cm

width 5 cm

ten meter time trail 48 seconds

term 3 design review

In term three raph George and I did for our design project 3D printing I thought that we worked together well but i also think that for 7 weeks we were making  our presentation board but we had a great time even though we had i delay with the 3D printer breaking down

George printed out a G & C Raph printed out a X-box remote and i printed out a car.

all of us did get a bit distracted for example raph was playing this bunny song all the time and George tried to stop him and I helped George stop Raph  here are some photos of our project

design presentation

in the design presentation George raph and I did 3D printing here are some  photoshere are some photos of  an other presentation

i really enjoyed this presentation because i love going around and looking at other peoples project that they have worked on for 10 weeks


i belong to

the Geelong college


my family

i like being a part of Torquay because i have made allot of good friends there and its my home

they make me feel confident about myself and the people have changed me

there are no groups as nice as torquay