design presentation

in the design presentation George raph and I did 3D printing here are some  photoshere are some photos of  an other presentation

i really enjoyed this presentation because i love going around and looking at other peoples project that they have worked on for 10 weeks


i belong to

the Geelong college


my family

i like being a part of Torquay because i have made allot of good friends there and its my home

they make me feel confident about myself and the people have changed me

there are no groups as nice as torquay

Design 11/8/18

today in design George, raph and I made our presentation boardwe are almost finished i just need to print out my car and my peanut butter jar we are so close to finishing my car will be printed out this week i cant wait this is what it will look like

The Pinnacle :)

The Pinnacle camp

As I was walk up ‘Silent Street’, I looked behind me and saw the most beautiful mountain directly in front of us. My heart beat swirled with excited feelings as I thought about the days  of camp ahead of me. The next night, the movie failed to have any sound it made every one annoyed. Instead the teachers accidentally put the sound of the T-V on and it sounded like one of the movie characters said “oh he peed in the sink.”which sent the room into rumbling laughter.

A few things I learnt on camp about my self was that  I am not good at hikes because I get tired easily and am quite slow. this meant that when we journey out on the long hike for an afternoon  i was absolutely exhausted by the end of it. I love scenic views, especially ones from  mountains looking onto the towns below. Most of all I learnt that…I love marmalade! Its the sweetness  of the spread and the lemon through it which really gets me. I recommend every one to try some marmalade. While I am on the topic about food must also mention the food they provided us at camp. It was really tasty, especially on the first night because we had chicken schnitzel and then for dessert we had apple crumble!  The food was amazing, i couldn’t  believe my luck.

The most important thing is that I learnt that Raph is a really nice guy and how important camp is to meet new friends.

Thank you:)

the bombing of darwin

The Bombing of Darwin is a war book about a 14 year old boy called Tom Taylor.

The style of the book is the diary of Tom which he writes in almost every day. Writing about the Japanese and how they are coming closer to Darwin, he shares his emotions about losing his mum while Darwin is being bombed.

He shares his journey from Darwin back to Adelaide. He meets new friends on his rough journey back home. His journey goes through rocky roads and challenges him every step of the way.

I rate this book 4.5/5 stars because I loved how Tom was able to make it feel so real. Through his writing he gives people a clear picture of what happened on the 19th of February 1942.



project reflection

3D printing is harder than i thought the process is not just copy and pasting an image onto a app it takes time to design and make the design good otherwise it will not work and the printer will glitch and the printer takes a long time to print i thought it would take 10 minutes but it usually takes 1-5 hours this is is a photo of George raph and I 

My project

Today in design, I designed a little car to 3D print when i am finished. I will put an engine in side the car and i will remotely control it. then i will print out my entitles f0r example if your name was Jake Robinson it would be J & R since my name is Oscar Young mine would be O&Y.