Passion project Final

I chose this for my project because it was an idea that popped up in my head because the week before I was watching a video of a person doing the same thing.

I was originally going to do the filming in week 6 but then we didn’t then I did it in week 7 but my iPad so we did it in week 8.

Some of the shots were a bit tricky but most of them were alright

I enjoyed the filming only because I kicked a ball through the goals it was very fun

Passion project part 2

I have achieved getting the football and deciding what oval I’m using I have 5 balls for many trick shots.

I have learnt how to draw and design these trick shots and also learning the kicks I will need to do in order for this to be as successful as it can be I have also learnt the aim of the kicks for example if I’m in the pocket I will aim at the left goal post

The challenges have been thinking of the trick shots and the successful part is the gathering of the footys

the next step for me is finishing my trick shot sketches and start practicing

my passion project

My passion project will be footy trick shots so what ill do I will get 4 footys and bring it to an oval and film trick shots I am planning to make a 2-4 minute long film. I will need a tripod a camera a 4 footys and that is my passion project I’m intending to do trick shots from far out into wheelie bins on the boundary.

I have achieved getting footys and designing my trick shots there will be about 6-7 shots.

my audience is targeted at year 1s to about year 6s I really hope this is a good result and its enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to the filming of the trick shots.

Birke Baehr

three things that I got out of Birke’s post is to buy organic foods. If you buy  non organic foods you’re basically paying your hospital fees and another thing is farms (some) are cruel. By feeding the animals non natural seeds.


Thing I found powerful was that the farms get say for example cow DNA and put it inside a carrot I found this powerful because the carrot could have side effects like cancer or a range of kidney disease’s like overweight kidneys  etc.

this is a photo of Birke I

Richard Tuere

Richard tuere is a boy from Kenya who made an invention that scares lions, leopards,elephants


The main message in rich’s ted talk was . lions, leopards, elephants etc are afraid of moving light. Also lions aren’t dumb and that violence is not the answer.

Rich got his message across by using humour,  photos, eye contact and  spoke clearly.

The technical support that Rich used involved a clicker a electronic script and not much else.

He used his eye contact a clear voice expression connections with the audience.


you should use this ‘think’ acronym because if you don’t there are risks of bullying

T is it true always have a deep think if its true if you lie you will regret doing it

H is it helpful if its not helpful don’t bother what’s the point

I is it inspiring will it inspire people to do something

N is it necessary does it have anything to do with the post don’t just comment I like pie on a photo that has people in Paris

K is it kind don’t ever say something mean on social media it can be seen by anyone