The last two design days of the year we have been using TELLO drones. TELLO drones are small drones with small cameras that you can film and take photos. it also has small propellers which are very powerful and looked like it could badly cut your hand if you touched it. We used snap as a coding platform for our TELLO drone, but first, we practised flying our drone in the morning it was so fun, Cillian made it do a flip and it scared the life out of everyone and then nobody trusted Cillian with the drone after that. We realised that the drone didn’t pick up sound and this is how. The drone was filming us and Cillian and I were saying funny things and making weird noises, and doing funny dances in front of the camera but when we played it back it had no sound and we were really sad. We tried a couple times to make the drone look like it was chasing us but the first time it didn’t work but after a couple times we got it to work and it looked so cool! Now to talk about snap, the coding platform I mentioned earlier. we used the same platform as hummingbird, which was what we did in the previous three design days which was really fun. Snap is really fun and easy to use and a great coding platform. sadly it would not work on my laptop but I did help with it on my friend’s computer. All up it has been a fun time doing drones and I will talk to you next time!!


Hummingbird is a coding product when used with a programming platform (including platforms like Python, Scratch, Snap, Java and so on) becomes an awesome ultra coding program where you can make almost anything. my group used Snap which we have never used before, we started off making a disco ball( which was super cool) then we moved on to bigger project, making a really big among us scene. Among us is a huge gaming platform where you are either a crewmate or imposter, a crewmate’s job is to complete all tasks or work out who the imposter is. The imposter’s job is to eliminate all the crewmates and try not to get voted off. We reenacted a scene of an imposter eliminating a crewmate. All up hummingbird was really fun and I would totally do it again


This half of the term we are doing Microbit. Microbit is a robotic screen with LEDs and buttons designed so that when you code it on the computer you can plug in the Microbit cord and download the code onto the Microbit. on the website used for Microbit, called Makecode, there are heaps of tutorials for you to try. We all started with doing the tutorial called flashing heart, its where you draw and LED picture and then draw a heart LED picture, put it on the when start part and plug in the Microbit and download the code. Here is an example of the micro bit code


Snap the Dot

We have done heaps of tutorials during all our sessions doing Microbit but there was one that did not really turn out as what I had expected, Snap The Dot. The code was not very complex but it was still a little bit complicated, it was all going well up until I tried it on my Microbit. Let’s just say it was not how I planned it, I followed all the instructions but the code must have been wrong. I think my experience just goes to show that things will go wrong and that’s ok. Also here is the code that I used to make Snap the Dot



Free choice MakeyMakey project

For our last MakeyMakey project of the Term, we could make a free choice project. My free choice project was based off a game called piggy, my character was a sheep and in the game was known as sheepy, I made this character out of polymer clay and foil which was used because it conducts electricity, I attached all the wires to the character and made a code in scratch, then recorded sounds to go with the code so when you touched a certain area of the character it would play the recordings. Here’s a picture of what my code looks like

MakeyMakey Piano and Bongos

MakeyMakey piano and bongos

This term 5B are doing a program called MakeyMakey. MakeyMakey is a program with a bunch of wires that you can connect to everyday day things that when connected to your laptop can make sound and control your computer without doing hard and complex coding. When you get a MakeyMakey set it comes with a power board and wires too connect too the power board, how you use it is you connect a wire from your power board to your laptop and the wires get connected to the power board which you can then connect the wires to everyday objects and you have finished the setup of you MakeyMakey. We made bongos and a piano with the MakeyMakey website, i used aluminium foil for both. then afterwards we had to draw in our design books a picture of our bongos and our piano. That is what we did that day, bye!

All about me

we were assigned a challenge on scratch called All about me. All about me is a project on scratch were we code characters to say things about ourselves when they’re clicked or a certain button is clicked. For example i used a banana,microphone, puppy and one of my best friends as characters and when you clicked on them they tell you something about me. That is all my learning for now bye


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Scratch debug it challenge

We received a challenge on scratch that was called the “Debug it challenge” where there was either a game or a short video but one this was not right about it.This is the first one that we did,Someone had done a short video of two characters having a dance party but one of the characters wasn’t dancing.The problem was that the characters code needed to have a “When green flag clicked” button the green flag is what you press to start the game,music clip or short video.I only got to do one of the which is titled ‘debug it 1.1″.that is all my learning for now,Bye