May 2020 archive

Passion Project #Update

  • What have you achieved so far?

I have I am in the middle of of my slide show of a the pictures and videos of suffix sheep and I am what we do with the sheep and got things like that I will talk about and explain.

  • What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?

I have learnt what they are made for, were they are from and that they ae one of the popular sheep breeds.

  • What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

I had a challenege of trying to put photos through my phone onto a USB ( so I had to airdrop them to my familys MAC and then put it on a USB and then put them onto the photos onto the laptop.) A success I have had was getting my slide show up and running.

  • What is the next step for you?   (Insert an image that shows evidence of your process so far.)

The next step for me is that is to finish my my slide show and the rest of the photos.

Here is a photo of one of my slides.