Checkpoint 1: #Description Term 2!

What do you intend to create? I would like to make a cook book.Because I bake and cook a lot at home, really enjoy doing it.

What technologies are you planning to use? I will need to use my computer to type up all the recipes which I have already started and got 8 recipes already. Also I will need a printer  that makes the paper like glossy smooth. A phone/ camera to take the photos to go in the book.

Who is your project targeted at? For anyone that enjoys cooking and wants to do more.

What are you looking forward to? Probaly once I have typed all the recipes and prof read it all probaly then designing and photos of the food. And making all the food for the photos 🙂

Insert an image that ‘teases’ your project idea to us.

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Year 6 Science Lesson 1 & 2

What is Matter?

Matter can be found any where it is in everything that has mass.

All matter is made of elements such as chemicals and physical properies. All the elements are made of the units of matter called atoms. There are 5 states of matter Solids, Liquid, Gas, Plasma and rubidium (last one was man made in 1995 it is in 99% of the universe.)

Weight takes up space which can be called volume can be like water and be in a glass and that is matter.

All three matters take mass and matter.

Solid in atoms are tightly packed, Liquids are futher apart and gas are far apart from each one.

Liquid can evaporate from the liquid and become a gas. Liquid can freeze an d it will become a solid but also a solud can turn  into a liquid by it melting.

Your normal weight on earth would be differnet if you went on the moon you would 16.5% what you would normaly be the weight will change but the masss will not.

phase | Definition & Facts | BritannicaWater: the weirdest liquid on the planet | Science | The Guardianphase | Definition & Facts | BritannicaDifference Between Solid, Liquid and Gas (With Comparison Chart ...


Year 6 Science Physical Chemical Change
Today we learnt about the differnec between physical and chemical chnage.

Physical Change is when nothing new is formed might look or feel different.

A Chemical change is when something new is formed eg. a solid from 2 liquids. Might be a gas made seen fizzing or bubbling. Might be colour change. Might also be produce heat, light or odour.


Glass tubes.

Glass tubes are thin glass and are very easy to break so you need to keep it in the stand when you are not using the glass tube to avoid breaking it. Do not touch the bottom of the glass tube when using a themonitor make sure it is above the bottom and  try to keep it as far away from the bottom as possible.

Working With Liquid.

Must wear glasses but due to the circumstances we will not use them but keep liquids away from eyes. When you have completed the expirement place them in the washing tub to be cleaned. In one of the expirements keep the lid on once you have done thhe expirement so it dosen’t go every where in the tub.

Correct Mixing .

Use a fingernail to flick the glass tub to mix it it is called the flickmix. Read the from the bottom of the curve the results and for themonitor bend down to eye level.

Glass Tubes With Color Liquids In Science Laboratory Stock Photo ...1960s illustration of an old-fashioned glass thermometer posters ...Lab1 - Measurement

Passion Project #Update

  • What have you achieved so far?

I have I am in the middle of of my slide show of a the pictures and videos of suffix sheep and I am what we do with the sheep and got things like that I will talk about and explain.

  • What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?

I have learnt what they are made for, were they are from and that they ae one of the popular sheep breeds.

  • What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

I had a challenege of trying to put photos through my phone onto a USB ( so I had to airdrop them to my familys MAC and then put it on a USB and then put them onto the photos onto the laptop.) A success I have had was getting my slide show up and running.

  • What is the next step for you?   (Insert an image that shows evidence of your process so far.)

The next step for me is that is to finish my my slide show and the rest of the photos.

Here is a photo of one of my slides.

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