#Description Term 4

I intend to make a film on the rubik’s cube, showing my solves, collection, putting the cube back together and much more. I will use my gopro and my phone to record and my laptop to edit. My audience is targeted at people who want to learn more about the rubik’s cube and if they want to solve it. I am looking forward to solving them and showing people my talent and how I learned to solve it.

Description #1

I will be doing mountain biking for my passion project. I will be making a film of me riding around on the mountain bike track just down from my house and might get some drone shots as well. I will record it on my helmet and it will be time lapse.

Blog Post

My Passion Project will be on coding.  It’s one of my hobbies that i am really passionate about and i will try to get people to try it. I will make a game using coding and present it to the class to show my skills in block coding as well as java script too.

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