Green Screen

In this clinic we learnt about green screens here are some notes that I have written down about the green screen.

1 when you are in the green screen room you have to take you’re shoes off before entering.

2 You must also never bring food or drink in the green screen room

3 When filming you should always try to avoid background sound and try to get the lighting right

4 You should not be in the green screen room for over 20 minutes.

5 Try to not have any shadows.

6 There are four roof cameras on the celling try to get the light right with them.

7 There is also a green screen cloth that makes you disappear so if you were doing a wizard film you could make he/she pop out of thin air.

8 It is good when every one is silent on set and no whispering  because the audio could turn out bad for the audience.

9 Do not have the door locked because you don’t want someone knocking one the door and mucking up you’re film.



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