Term 3 Passion Project

in my term 3 passion project i am building a gaming PC with a the help of my mums friend who has built one before he said the price of building the gaming PC was $1500 but he had spare components so now i only have to pay $500 i have found a way to get the money so now i just have to make the gaming PC and hopefully it goes so smoothly. Here is a image




Passion Project #Update2

My passion project is a about a keyboard and mouse I have been working on my keyboard so far and a little on my mouse i have ordered keys to replace the old ones on my old key board so it will look better and have a faster reaction time I am waiting for the keys to arrive of eBay it should be about 2 more days and I just ordered the new mouse click that should be 4 days away so i am just waiting for the parts to arrive.

Birke baehr TED talk

I thought that one of the best messages that birke did was how would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital and i think a lot of people liked that saying and it got a lot of people motivated and probably got them thinking more about the food industry. I also thought that a thing that got me mad was that they don’t care about peoples heath if they are getting a lot of money which can lead to kidney weight and kidney failer. I also wondered why people where calling this one farmer weird and stupid because he was doing something better for the planet and making the animals happy before they die.

The three things that i found powerful was that the farmer was picked on and that i didn’t like how he got treated because of that and i’m glad that someone actually understands that it’s better for the planet.

The second thing i found strong was that when i was watching the TED talk i felt like i wanted to help and support the farmers who are doing it the original way.

The Third thing that i found inspiring was that he was the only kid that had tried to change something and wasn’t scared of the food industry and wasn’t about to get the world poisoned from things that should not be in are normal foods.


TED talk Richard Turere

I thought the main messages was that violence is not the answer to every problem and if you try hard enough you can solve a problem that will not harm the people and won’t end up on the lions becoming extinct.

I thought that he got the message around because he used just the right amount of laughter and the right amount of seriousness to get the message though because if he added to much laughter the audience might i have thought it has a joke and he was saying kill the lions.

The technology he used was a microphone a flashing moving light so that would scare of the lion he used parts of his mums new radio and a part from a motorcycle so that the light would move left and right.

The presentation Techniques he used were good he had a lot of pictures that weren’t blurred and he had a lot of them to prove his point about how this had to be stopped that lions also wouldn’t get hurt.



My passion project

My passion project is going to be about modifying a key board and mouse to make it look cooler and to try and make it easier to function and add my own key-binds. I am also going to do that with a mouse to so to make the clickers fast make the rim try to light up. I am also looking forward to try and make it work so it can function properly. And i will test it when i am do i hope it works. So i am going to take out the keys of the keyboard and replace them with better ones and replace the mouse clickers with more sustainable ones so they don’t break.




Think online

I think is a good thing about what to do online and other people should follow it here is the poster of it.I think that true is the most important one because if you write something that is not true that can damage someone severely. I think that Helpful is a good tip because your just wasting your time to make someones day bad and that just annoying.

Insipering is a good one because you could make someones day or break it and i could be really helpful.

Necessary is it necessary to make someone feel bad no its not so maybe you could be Necessary to make someones day better

Kind is the most important as well as true because if your kind you make more friends but if your mean you can not make friends and be the one that avoided from other people






Thomas Suriz TED Talk

Thomas main messages are not to give up don’t just play games make them students can teach teachers to not just teachers teach students.

b He got the message around by make his performance enthusiastic and realatible and he made jokes to connect with the audience and not just kids and adults to.

c He used the clicker to use the power point to show his photos of his app and the iPad if you forgot his script also his mic so every one could hear him.

d He also wasn’t monotone which didn’t make it boring to watch and it was very enjoyable.         

Green Screen

In this clinic we learnt about green screens here are some notes that I have written down about the green screen.

1 when you are in the green screen room you have to take you’re shoes off before entering.

2 You must also never bring food or drink in the green screen room

3 When filming you should always try to avoid background sound and try to get the lighting right

4 You should not be in the green screen room for over 20 minutes.

5 Try to not have any shadows.

6 There are four roof cameras on the celling try to get the light right with them.

7 There is also a green screen cloth that makes you disappear so if you were doing a wizard film you could make he/she pop out of thin air.

8 It is good when every one is silent on set and no whispering  because the audio could turn out bad for the audience.

9 Do not have the door locked because you don’t want someone knocking one the door and mucking up you’re film.