This week we are doing drones first we did a coding app to understand and know how to fly the drones. After a few tutorials we went to the oval and we started flying the drones. Then we started holding the drones and they started flying them from our hands and the controls are like controlling a remote controlled aeroplane but we had a few problems connecting the drone and getting internet. And one of the tutorials you had to pick up a gun and shoot a bomb. And the drone and app are really smart because it started to become windy outside when we where flying the drones and is started alarming us with a message that is was getting windy and it had a little message under it and this is a picture of the drone.

Humming brid

Today Finley was away so me and Oscar made a car this is the inside.and this is this outside at the top we made the leds turn on and make the robot move at the same time and it is working out good

Humming bird

This week in design we are using a thing called Humming bird you can connect Leds witch are light or you can connect motors to. My group Oscar and Finley have a tiny drummer we made a figure out of cardboard boxes then on the back we used a motor.


In term 4 we have design days this term we are using a sphero for starters we played a bit of sphero tag . A sphero is a type of robot. How you control it mainly is the joy stick function and a code function . and this is a shpero once you get the hang of controlling. our challenge this week is to make a maze and try programming it to go through it 


THE maze runner challenge. IT was very challenging!!

So instead of doing a maze Tom and I did along the line challenge which is staying on the line this is a picture of the maze. And it was hard because like you need the right speed and the right time to stop.

Micro bit

So this is my first lesson of Micro bit and i did tutorials like i did a tutorial on a game called snap the dot.

And this is some code for the snap the dot.the aim of the game is that your trying to snap the dot in the middle by pressing the A button and.

Rube Goldberg mini machines

So I made a mini Rube Goldberg machine. I named my machine the Ping Pong Flicker.

I will be telling you how many success and fails i got and what i have used to make it and what is does.

what materials i used?

Was cardboard, cardboard plate, tape, Popsicle sticks, ping pong ball, marble, toy car and a plastic cup.

what does it do?

So what it does is that the car goes down a ramp then it hits a marble and then it hits a Popsicle stick and the Popsicle stick hit a ping pong ball into a cup. Here is a video Video (002)

How many times did I succeed and how many times I failed.

I got 1 fail then after that i succeeded


All about me

all about me is a project that is about you it shows what your favourite sports are and what you like playing or what you like eating this year we get to share it with year 3 and they get to know about you.


What is Addo?

Addo is a maths game it is bingo then you pick up cards and ad the numbers up and if that number ads up to the number that you have on your game board you cross it out then you keep on picking up until you get 3 in a row and this is my best Addo game board is this my best Addo game board.






build a band

Build a Band.

Build a band is easy and hard. The hard thing was getting the instrument to play at the right time and the easy thing was getting the right instruments to make the correct sound. It was pretty fun trying out instruments.