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Passion Project Checkpoint #1

PASSION PROJECT TERM 2 For my first passion project of the year in grade 6 I am making a scrapbook/photobook of my favourite moments, accomplishments/achievements, or special milestones for me or someone I care about, in the past few years…. Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Today we list listened to yet another amazing TED Talk by someone of all of grade sixes age, a TED Talk by Birke Baehr about how we should know better about our food and that organic food, it is better… Continue Reading →

Richard Turere TED Talk

  In Richard Turere’s TED Talk about lions and how he saved his communities from them eating the stock, his main messages were very moving and inspiring. Richard pretty much said that we don’t need to harm lions to stop… Continue Reading →


The THINK acronym is supposed remind people that before they post on any social, world-wide space that they should think about what they are posting and whether or not it is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, or Kind.     True…. Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

  In Thomas’ TED Talk his main messages were children of this day and age, are more interested in technology than other generations, but more importantly are amazed by games and apps and also in creating there own to there… Continue Reading →

Green screen clinic

Today we had a green screen clinic which was where we learnt the rules of the green screen studio and how to put background instead of the green background.         Here is how to put a background… Continue Reading →

Editing clinic/Adobe premiere pro

Today we had a clinic on editing and adobe premiere pro.     Here is how you edit raw-footage      

Mr Henderson’s clinic; Wireless microphones

Today we had Mr Henderson’s clinic about wireless microphones. Here is a video about what I learnt;

Mr Galluccio’s clinic; Royalty free music

Today we had Mr Galluccio clinic about Royalty free music and copyright.     As a our task for the clinic we had to find royalty free music on Bensound an online royalty free music place that you can get… Continue Reading →

Miss Williamson clinic; Shotgun microphones

Today we had Miss Williamson’s third clinic about shotgun microphones. We learnt about the shotgun microphone, how to attach them to cameras and how to work them.   We had to set up the microphone, tri-pod and camera and film… Continue Reading →

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