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building my knowledge through year 6

Green screen clinic

Today we had a green screen clinic which was where we learnt the rules of the green screen studio and how to put background instead of the green background.         Here is how to put a background… Continue Reading →

Editing clinic/Adobe premiere pro

Today we had a clinic on editing and adobe premiere pro.     Here is how you edit raw-footage      

Mr Henderson’s clinic; Wireless microphones

Today we had Mr Henderson’s clinic about wireless microphones. Here is a video about what I learnt;

Mr Galluccio’s clinic; Royalty free music

Today we had Mr Galluccio clinic about Royalty free music and copyright.     As a our task for the clinic we had to find royalty free music on Bensound an online royalty free music place that you can get… Continue Reading →

Miss Williamson clinic; Shotgun microphones

Today we had Miss Williamson’s third clinic about shotgun microphones. We learnt about the shotgun microphone, how to attach them to cameras and how to work them.   We had to set up the microphone, tri-pod and camera and film… Continue Reading →

Mr Henderson’s clinic; Zoom cameras

Today we had our sixth clinic in film school, but it was the second clinic with Mr Henderson. It was on learning how to use the Zoom cameras correctly. Here is the video of what I took out of the… Continue Reading →

Mr Galluccio’s sencond clinic; Audiobooths

Today we had Mr Galluccio’s second clinic about Audiobooths. We learnt how to use them properly and the rules you need to follow when in the booths and when finished. Here is a video of what I learnt and the… Continue Reading →

Miss Williamson’s clinic; Shotlists & storyboards

Today we had Miss Williamson’s second clinic about Shotlists & storyboards. I didn’t know either of them were a thing, let alone something you will have to do before every film. It was really enjoyable because now I know what… Continue Reading →

Miss Williamson’s clinic; Point and shoot cameras

Today we had Miss Williamson’s clinic about point and shoot cameras. it was really good because she told us everything you need to know about photography and I didn’t even realize that half of those rules existed.   We went… Continue Reading →

Mr Henderson’s clinic- Camcorders

Today we had Mr Henderson’s clinic about Camcorders and tripods and how to use them correctly. It was really fun and very informing on how to use tripods and camcorders.         Here are the different types of… Continue Reading →

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