My Passion Project

#description This term I will  create a book. This will be about cooking and baking. The book will be called BRUNCH TIME! I would like to a create the book so anyone could pick it up and create the late breakfast. I am excited to make delicious treats and eat the myself with pleasure.

Richard Turere’s TED talk


Richards main messages are that you there are more ways then just one. Another message is that violence is not the only way. He also adds that never give up hope because that you can fix things. These messages are just 3 out of many messages. He made it from being a little boy running a farm and cows to making it so far from just one idea.

He got the messages across by using eye contact. Unlike Thomas who used a script he always had eye contact with the audience. Also adding a little humour every now and then so you would stay interested.

Richard used a microphone on him and only a tv behind. The mic was that everyone could hear. The tv was to show all the photos about the topic lions. this helped get his message across.

He made eye contact with everyone in the crowd. Richard cracked a few jokes every now and again as I said before. He also made the jokes at the right places and the right times.


THINK Online



The THINK online is about how we should use the internet. Think stands for

T is it true

H is it helpful

I is it inspiring

N is it necessary

K is it kind

It is how we should use the internet.

Each word as you can see stands for something.


Is what you are uploading true and if it is not true you shouldn’t upload it. Everyone doesn’t  like liars so the same goes for social media, whether it is Instagram Snapchat Facebook or maybe twitter.


Is what you are typing or saying helpful. What would you do if you saw something that wasn’t helpful and you were having a bad day.


What you are typing inspiring other people makes them happy but what if it is not inspiring and puts people down. So don’t say it if it not happy or nice.


Now everyone doesn’t need to hear you rant about your bad day. So think about how necessary is it. How would people feel about this if it is not necessary.


Everyone says that you need to be kind to everyone same goes for the say kind things on the internet.

T thoughtful  is it thoughtful

H  happy    stay happy with everyone

I inclusive   be inclusive with anyone and everyone

N negative   there is enough negativity in this world so don’t add more

K keen     would other people be keen to read or hear this




Passion Project



For my Passion Project this term I am doing a book of knots. The book will show all different types of knots. I will be showing how to do them step by step I will also include things like splicing, whipping and lanyrdas. Splicing is where you join 2 ropes together without using a knot. Whipping is where you mark or you rap the end of rope with something like thread. Lanyrdas is where it is like a plait but using loops. I hope by the end to show how to use the skills in bracelets that I will bring to school.

Green Screen

Clinic 11 – All year 6

In this clinic we learnt about green screen. We did not actually go into the room but we had footage of green screen. We used the footage of a few years ago. Also from the internet ‘Just Do It’. From this we made a shot film.


I learnt that you need to use the eye dropper really close to the person because there are so many types of green. I also learnt how useful green screen is.



I don’t know why it became black at the end or the there was like a boarder around him.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Clinic 10 – All Year 6


In this clinic we were taught how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. This the editing app we will be doing all year. This also needs your computer to go really fast so you click battery and move the little arrow up on the line. It uses more power but it keeps it better for editing. Mr Henderson told us that we should always restart before using Adobe Premiere Pro. Another really important thing is you cant leave raw footage on one drive or else it will slow the editing down. You also cant move the movie or else the program wont work.


I learnt that editing is the most important part of the film. I also learnt that I really need to take care of your computer so it wont slow down.