Green Screen

Clinic 11 – All year 6

In this clinic we learnt about green screen. We did not actually go into the room but we had footage of green screen. We used the footage of a few years ago. Also from the internet ‘Just Do It’. From this we made a shot film.


I learnt that you need to use the eye dropper really close to the person because there are so many types of green. I also learnt how useful green screen is.



I don’t know why it became black at the end or the there was like a boarder around him.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Clinic 10 – All Year 6


In this clinic we were taught how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. This the editing app we will be doing all year. This also needs your computer to go really fast so you click battery and move the little arrow up on the line. It uses more power but it keeps it better for editing. Mr Henderson told us that we should always restart before using Adobe Premiere Pro. Another really important thing is you cant leave raw footage on one drive or else it will slow the editing down. You also cant move the movie or else the program wont work.


I learnt that editing is the most important part of the film. I also learnt that I really need to take care of your computer so it wont slow down.

Shotgun Microphones

Clinic 9 – Ms Williamson

In this clinic I had shot mics. It is actually named after the shape of the mic. We had to do 3 tasks. These are bad tasks as we should not do theses when filming. The adapter is blue and you have to turn it clockwise or else it will break.


Record with inbuilt microphone

Use shotgun plugged in but not turned on

Plugged in and turned on



I learnt how important a shotgun mic is and what habits to get into.

Wireless Microphone

Clinic 8- Mr Henderson

In this clinic I had wireless microphones. We learnt they pick up sound even when it is windy. it also cant be too close to your mouth. This linked to our culture as we respect and care about our equipment.


I learnt that you could use wireless microphone at any distance and it would be crystal clear. I also learnt that on a lapel there is a receiver and transmitter.

Story boards and Shot lists

Clinic 6- Ms Williamson

In this clinic we learnt why and how story boards and shot lists are so important. A story board and shot list is part of planning. Planning is 60% of a film so a story board and shot list should be very detailed so anyone can pick it up and understand it. This is in contact with our culture as we have humour  in every day so funny films and positive attitude


I learnt about how a story board works and how important planning is. I also learnt that there is such thing as a shot list.

Zoom Cameras

Clinic 5 – Mr Henderson

In this clinic we did The Zoom Camera even though it is called Zoom it is better at sound then actually zooming. The camera is a little different to others as the filming button is at the top while normally it is a the side. We used some tripods and filmed people doing tounge twister. This is connected to our culture as we care for others films.


I learnt how to use a Zoom Camera on a tripod and off.

Audio Booths

Clinic 4 Mr Galluccio


In this  clinic we learnt the rules of the audio booths. Mr Galluccio taught us where to plug in are headphones and the USB. He showed us that you cant move the microphone towards you only up and down. This connect with our Year 6 Community because we show care and respect to other when in the room. It is shown because we are not tapping on the glass and interfering with the video.