Term 3 Passion Project

Passion Project Term 3

For my passion project I’ll be making a chair.

The materials I’ll be using are:

Treated pine,

Power tools drill and saw,


clear stain polish,



How I’m going to make the chair

First, I’m going to go to Bunnings and buy treated pine wood because that is what my chair is going to be made from. I’m next going to buy the screws to make the back and the legs stay on the base, so the chair looks like a chair. Secondly, I’ll be using a screwdriver and electric saw. I’ll be using the screwdriver to screw the screws in o the legs and the back so there attached. And I’ll be using the electric saw to cut the wood to the correct size. Lastly, when the chair is done, I’ll use the sandpaper to sand the chair to get it ready for the polish. When I’ve done that, I’ll use the polish to make the chair smooth by rubbing it on with a rag or cloth.

What it’s going to look like,

But the difference is my chair won’t have the wood sticks on the bottom. The lines cut in the back. The back won’t be as small.


Why Am I Making This?

I’m making a chair because for my term 2 passion project I built a table so I’m going to make a study in my bedroom.


What Audience Is This For?

The audience this is for is the people who don’t have a chair or need a chair.



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