Passion Project Term 2

For my passion project I decided to design and build a desk. I’m  building a desk because I want put it in my room and I’ve always liked woodwork’s. I like wood works because it’s a hands on and creative.

the design of my  desk is going to look like this desk.

Dimensions=1100 500 750

I’m buying my wood from Bunnings. then I will get the oak wood planks and cut them in to the right shape and sand paper the legs then polish them so their not rough. Next I’ll get some treated pine cut into the shape I need. Finally I’ll go to a glacier to cut the glass for the top.

the legs of the table are going to look like these legs on this table.

the legs are going to be on a angle.

My audience for my passion project is people who like wood works and need a desk.

I’m looking forward to cutting the wood, using the desk and putting the glass on the table.





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