Green Screen

In inquiry with Mr Henderson I learnt how to put green screen in to adobe premiere. First, put your video or picture and your background into adobe premiere. Secondly, go to the top right corner of adobe premiere and click the arrow next to the folder named video effects and scroll down to  keying and click the arrow then there should be a folder named ultra key after drag the ultra key file to the video. Thirdly, got to the top left and click on effect controls after click  the eye dropper next to key colour. Lastly, with the eye dropper click the green around your character or picture and then it should appear on your background.

Green Screen Clinic-wq82u5


Using the green screen studio.

Before using the green screen studio  you need to learn the rules.

  1. Shoes off
  2. no longer than 20 mins in the green screen room
  3. No food or drink
  4. never lock the door
  5. keep the noise down
  6. Leave it neater than you found it
  7. turn off the lights after using the studio

How the use the green screen.

When you green screen avoid shadow do this by turning on all lights and stay a max of 1 meter away from the wall. How to turn on the over head lights, by pressing 2,3,4,5. To turn on the side lights go to the back of the lights and put the switch to 3 and then your ready to green screen.