Adobe Premiere Pro

In Inquiry with Mr Henderson, I learnt about Adobe Premiere it’s a  editing software for films that were going to produce this year. How to use abode premiere. First, wait for it to load, secondly, when it has loaded click on the new project or if your finishing something click on open project and find were you saved your project then double click and it should load. Thirdly once your in open a spare tab with the pictures or videos your want to put in the blog, drag them from the folder into the bottom of the screen where the timeline is and drop the file in there. lastly press space bar to play. This was how to get your footage in to Abode Premiere.

Helpful Tools:

  1. The razor tool. The razor tool is an important part of film making it allows you to cut out and bit of footage from anywhere in the timeline. How you use the razor tool is by clicking on the razor icon on the left hand side of the timeline you can highlight what you want to delete and then press backspace and it’s deleted. If you accidentally deleted something hold control Z and it should undo your last step.

2. The Type tool. The type tool is an important part of film making It allows you to type and display sentences in your movie. How you use the type tool is by clicking the capital T on the right side of the timeline and then click on the program and start typing. When your finished typing on the timeline there should be a pink bar on top of the video part that displays graphic on it. and then if you want to put it in a different scene drag it along until you have it where you want it. If it displays for too long hold the side and hold it and drag it inwards until it’s small enough. If it’s too small drag the pink further out until it’s long enough for your movie.


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