Wireless Mics

With Mr Henderson I learnt about wireless mics. The wireless mics that I learnt about was a handheld mic and a lapel mic. The lapel mic is called a lapel mic because the part that it normally clips on to the lapel on a blazer. A lapel and the handheld is used for a master shot or full shot because it can produce good audio at long distances. The way the lapel mic works is that the camera has the receiver and the mic has the transmitter. The transmitter is attached to the lapel by a wire that runs through your shirt and goes to the transmitter that is attached to tour pantsĀ  sends the audio to the camera. The way the handheld mic works is that there is only one pack and its the receiver that is on the camera because the handheld has it’s on build in transmitter.

These are the packs for the mics.

Lapel on a blazer.

This is a lapel mic

Image result for lapel mic

This is a handheld mic

Image result for handheld mic


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