Shotgun Mics

With Miss Williamson I learnt about shotgun mics and how their audio is the best out of all the hand held equipment because the camcorders pick up background noise and all noise around them but with the shotgun mic where you point the mic it records good audio from 3 meters away. Shotgun mics are named shotgun mics because of the long slotted tube resembling a shotgun. What not to do with the shotgun mic,aim the mic towards a solid surface of the sound will bounce and may scuff the audio. Do use the shot gun in wind or when you replay the footage the audio will have a whistle sound because of the wind.

How put the shot gun mic on the camera.

Look on the top of the camcorder.

flip the latch on the top.

slide the bottom of the shot gun mic into the latch.

It should look like this.

There should be a cable with a plug at the end and then plug it in at the bottom of the camcorder.

After this slide the little button on the back of the mic in to the middle and there should be a green button then The mic should work.



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