Audio booths

With Mr Galluccio I learned that audio booths can be fun and help out with work but there are rules. Max amount of people in the booth is 2 people, No food and leave the booth how you found it or pack up after yourself.

How to respect the equipment:

Never move the stand or the whole micro phone setup. After using the USB cable put it back neatly where you found it, after using the mic make sure before you leave that the mic is secure on the bench or it may fall off and break, respect it like it was yours.

How to use the equipment:

Use the head phones while recording, don’t touch or tap the mic while your talking because it may distort the mic. If speaking loud move a step back from the mic so you can hear what you say after the recording. After using the equipment don’t forget to unplug your USB cable before you try to listen to  the recording.


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