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With Miss Williamson I learnt about shortlists and storyboards. I also learnt that 60% of the work to make a film is planning 30% editing and 10% production. This means planning is the most important part of film making because without planning people are unable to understand what to and what to say. When the  plan isn’t detailed enough you might miss a scene or sentence.

My class also learnt about story boards and shot lists.


Storyboards are Important for creating films. The way story boards work is you have to draw a comic that represents every shot and down the bottom are lines that your meant to write the first sentences of that shot. Storyboards are important because they save time, makes it easer to practice and act the role given in the film. This is what storyboards look like.

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This is a storyboard that has been filed out looks like.

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Shot lists:

Shot lists are important for making films but takes longer but it’s worth the work. Shot lists help with organization because It records what scene your on, type of shot, a rough guess of how long the scene is and the camera angle.

This is a shot list template.

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