Trying to make a laptop

people in my group.

Gus and max.

What I know bout this project?

I know I have to make scrap parts.

What Information  do I know about my project?

I have the info to connect and screw in parts I also know how to solder but I’m not that good at soldering.

How much do I understand?

I understand  enough to make a laptop but I know I don’t have the parts to make a laptop but I’ll try my best.

What questions can I ask?

Where can I find  screws?  where can I find wires?

What have I done?

I’ve done screwing, gluing, connecting, cutting and changing.

What problems have I encountered?

I’ve encountered due to the shortage of glue sticks that means I cant glue my pieces of plastic together.

Can I show what  I’ve done?

I can show what I’ve done over the time of this term because all the progress is on my blog.

Where do I gather my materials?

I gather all of my materials from the maker space except the glue sticks that Gus sometimes brings from home or buys at Bunnings Warehouse.

How many ideas can I find?

I can find many ideas from the internet and simple ideas from my friends.

How do I check my progress?

I check my progress by looking on my blog because it is up to date where is I can forget and my blog won’t.

Do I have a clear plan for my learning?

I do not have a clear plan for my learning but I have a plan that is good enough for me but it’s not detailed.

Which ideas are important?

The ideas that are important to me is where I can find my parts and what the laptop will look like.

How could I solve the problems better?

I could look up ways to solve the problem on the internet, ask a teacher or a friend.

Am I working well with others?

I am working well with other I give Max, Gus and myself even turns with gluing, screwing and having a chance to blog.

Is my plan detailed enough to achieve my goal?

I have updated my plan so it’s detailed to the point where I know the parts I’m using and where to screw in parts.

What can I do with this?

With this project I can show my parents what I’ve done over the term and get a better idea of how computers work and what’s inside the computer.

What choices can I make to extend my learning?

The choices that I can make to extend my learning is to continue to learn about electronics in my own time or out of school.

Who can help me find out more?

Who can help me find out more is Gidden or Prashant from my mum’s work because they make laptops and desktop PCs and know a lot about electronics.

How can I connect what is already created with other ideas?

I can connect what is already created with other ideas by looking at my design and comparing it with others designs and improving my project.

How might you look closely to refine ideas?

I might look closely to refine ideas by noting every little detail and asking people who know a lot about electronics that can help me.

  Who can I tell/show?

I can show or tell my mum or the people who come to visit my project in the space I’m working in.

how will I present my findings?

I will present my findings by showing my design book and the laptop.

How can I explain?

I can explain my project to people who come and look I will explain the progress I’ve done over the term.

How do I interest others?

I can interest others by making a big colourful stand with bright lights and free gumballs.

My progress.

Most of my parts are in this image.

In this video i’m attaching the fan.

Here is a image of my ram sticks the ram sticks each have 4 GB of ram.

In this image I clicked and screwed in my Intel Core.

In this video I am attaching a small part to where it’s meant to click in.


In this image I’ve screwed in a cover for the important parts of the circuit board.

I’ve screwed in another part of the circuit board.

In this image is the battery.

In this video i’m putting in the rechargeable battery that the charger goes into.

This image is the charger that can be used for charging if my laptop is safe and ready to charge.

I’m just showing my circuit board.

I’m screwing in the screws for my screen.

In this video I’m screwing in another part to my laptop.

I’m screwing in the cooler for the laptop.

I’m going to glue these pices together.

I’ve glued these pices together.

In this video i’m hot glue gunning this metal to the inside of the key board.

In this video I’ve taped on my alligator clips to the wiers that were broken.

I’m attaching the wires from the screen to the mother board.

In the video below in glueing the key board shell to the bottom of the laptop.

after glueing.

After glueing in the keyboard shell I screwed the screws on and attached the blue plastic wire into the flip which holds the wire.

I’m cutting out metal to help the screen does not fall off the computer.

I’m glueing the metal to the computer so the screen does not fall off.

This is the ciucut for the keyboard keys.

this is where the key click into.

after putting in the keyboard things.

here is the plastic pice I have to glue gun into the bottom of the laptop.

This is were I have to glue it

After glueing the pices down.

I’ve started gathering the key for the keyboard.

I’ve started putting the keys on.

I’ve started gluing the keys down.

In this image all of the keys I had are stuck in.

I’ve finished my laptop added all the extra pecies my movie of the laptop is under this text.

I’ve finished.

My final questions

What should I do next?

I should continue  my learning by studying and finding out more things about electronics.

How well did I do?

I did better than I thought because I accomplished more and finished.

Do I see any patterns in what I did?

I did not  see any patterns in what I did because  I made my computer and blogged randomly.

What was  important about it?

The important thing about my project is getting the circuits working and not disrupting the circuits.

What did I do ?

What I did was make a laptop.