Light up Jacket

My project is making a light up jacket.


a jacket,

PVA glue,

mini LED strip,

cloth (red or white)

Thread (cotton),

Small paint brush.

My computer design.

First I started on making the letters. I made the letters by drawing then cutting out pies of the cloth, then for the red cloth I don’t do anything to it. It’s for mounting on the cut out letters.

The next step is sewing the red cloth on to the jumper.



cotton rill

red cloth.

First I untangle the cotton rill then started sewing with the help of my mum.

I’m now going sew on the letters.


White letters,

PVA glue,

Paint brush (Small),

Thread (embroidery).


I’m going to glue the letters down so they don’t fall off quickly.

Secondly I’m going to sew the letters on to the jacket so their sturdy and stuck on.

practice sewing on this P.

This is were it is sewed off.

Thirdly, I’m going to do the proper sew on my jacket,

Here is the first letter sewed on and some images of my progress.

My finale images.

All the letters are sewed on.

Next step in making my light up jean jacket.


Red cloth,

LED strip,

Purple wool.


Next, sew over the LED strips with a even space to separate them, after you’ve reached the end of the LED strip sew off and with the red cloth, sew over the with block to the arm of the jacket.


Next sew the white block on the arm of the jacket with the red cloth.

This is were your up to now.

                                   Light up pants

This is how to make light up pants.

Design of the light up pants.


any coloured LEDs,


conductive thread,

Battery pack,

Alligator clips,


The Lilly-pad makes the lights have different ways of flashing some are like a heart beat, a beating motion, raining motion and a simple off for three seconds on for four seconds.

That’s all you need.

First I start by testing the lights with Alligator clips start off by making one light work but after one light works I’ll need alligator clips.

I’ll now show you some of my circuits with alligator clips.

I have super glued the lights to my pants.

secondly, I had to make a circuit work with the Lilly-pad. But first I had to get my Lilly-pad soled on the the batteries pack wires.



Not really a difference except it works.

I made more circuits but this time with the Lilly-pad.


I have to flip the pants inside out and make a pocket for my batteries pack.

I have to sew the LED’s with conductive thread.

I didn’t finish the pants.