Little bits

Little Bits is a coding program. with the kits I was supplied a creation pack and includes the  web site where you will find the programming and challenges,

Inside the kit.

Now I will be presenting all the tasks I’ve completed.

My first challenge.

My first challenge is make the Rockstar Guitar.

This is my attempt at the challenge.


I present video of this task.

This is the coding required to operate the Rockstar Guitar.



Challenge two Tug of War this is my attempt.

Images of the task being completed.

The video of the challenge being completed.


Challenge three create the Hot Potato of Doom.

These are the images of the challenge.

skull means dead.                                                     Smile face means start.

The video of the challenge working.



Makey Makey.

Makey Makey kit.

Inside the kit.

Makey Makey board.

Back                                                                                  Front

Challenge 1

Click a button on the Makey Makey board to pause and play a video.

Challenge 2

Press the space button to space the words on the program word.

Challenge 3

Tap one or two of the apples to make a deep or high sound on the animated bongo drums.

Challenge 4

press or hold any of the buttons on the board to create a sound on the piano.