Second lesson on Arduino

Firstly , this is the light turning on without a bread board.


Secondly,  this the light circuit with a bread board.


Thirdly, this is a proper Arduino light set up with the Arduino uno board and bread board.

Third lesson

Today i have made the bread board and and the arduino board work here is the video and picture.


Orlando and I programmed this light to turn on and off. YAY!

New challenge program the light to turn on and off  with a switch.

Success! The programming is correct.

Another task I completed was coding a light to blinking without a bread board or Arduino board.

Success it worked again!

This is the last session of  Ardiuno.

Today I did task 7 & 8

This is task 7.

It didn’t work.

This is task 8.

In this task It kind of worked. by that i mean one light.


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