This is Microworlds

This is the explanation of a rhombus shape.

This shape is a rhombus and i will explain the way of making the turtle do a rhombus.

This is my screen cast of the turtle making the rhombus.

Square shape.

This is my screen-cast of how to make a square.

Rectangle shape.

This is the screen cast of  how to make a rectangle.



Trapezium shape.

This is my screen cast of making a trapezium.

The coding I have displayed can be used in the battle ships challenge.

Setpos coding

This is the Sepos coding.

The four codes required for the battle ships challenge.

Battle ships challenge display.


This is the screen cast for the battle ship challenge.


Circles and semi Circles.

Firstly, the circle.





Secondly, semi circle.





Circle Patterns.







Second lesson on Arduino

Firstly , this is the light turning on without a bread board.


Secondly,  this the light circuit with a bread board.


Thirdly, this is a proper Arduino light set up with the Arduino uno board and bread board.

Third lesson

Today i have made the bread board and and the arduino board work here is the video and picture.


Orlando and I programmed this light to turn on and off. YAY!

New challenge program the light to turn on and off  with a switch.

Success! The programming is correct.

Another task I completed was coding a light to blinking without a bread board or Arduino board.

Success it worked again!

This is the last session of  Ardiuno.

Today I did task 7 & 8

This is task 7.

It didn’t work.

This is task 8.

In this task It kind of worked. by that i mean one light.


Colour Sensor

Colour sensor

On EV3’s the colour sensor looks like this.

This is the part where it shows you which slot to insert the cable in.

This displays the machine name Colour senor.

This shows how much colour it measures before the requested action.






Me Book


Me book reflection questions

How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates?

This activity helped know what my class mates like and their good at. Now i can engage in conversations with knowing that their going to be interested in my subject of talk.


Was it difficult to think of things to draw?

I think it was hard to think of what things to draw for my favourite movie.                                                                                   

Did you discover anything about yourself?

I did not discover anything but i kind of remembered

a couple things like my favourite shows form a long time ago.



Dear Matron Rose (Who Am I ?)

Dear Matron Rose,

Why has it taken so long for you to reply?

Thank you very much for compliments on my hand writing and thank you for the pictures of little John  their cute.

Also,  why did the boarded protection take me? And why did you not answer my question about this. Also that mean bully Johnny Jones will go to hell.

I’ve also got a new friend called Tony, she is nice but sometime doesn’t play with me. I miss you and all the children at Bomardary Children’s home. But I like the Burks better they sent me to school and I’ve made a friend, not to be mean or anything but I agree that it was better to come to the Burks.

From Mary.
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Kerain And I made the EV3 go forward.

It was difficult than instructed for us to make it work. (for us to make it go forwards). But it was the only task completed. I thought I was on the right track of making it go around the bases on task 3 and succeeding but sadly not succeeding. I was unable to succeed on completing task 2 either. Because I didn’t know how to make it reverse. I didn’t succeed on task 3 because I wasn’t sure about the timer when it should of turned the EV3 round the bases.