Term 3 Passion Project

Passion Project Term 3

For my passion project I’ll be making a chair.

The materials I’ll be using are:

Treated pine,

Power tools drill and saw,


clear stain polish,



How I’m going to make the chair

First, I’m going to go to Bunnings and buy treated pine wood because that is what my chair is going to be made from. I’m next going to buy the screws to make the back and the legs stay on the base, so the chair looks like a chair. Secondly, I’ll be using a screwdriver and electric saw. I’ll be using the screwdriver to screw the screws in o the legs and the back so there attached. And I’ll be using the electric saw to cut the wood to the correct size. Lastly, when the chair is done, I’ll use the sandpaper to sand the chair to get it ready for the polish. When I’ve done that, I’ll use the polish to make the chair smooth by rubbing it on with a rag or cloth.

What it’s going to look like,

But the difference is my chair won’t have the wood sticks on the bottom. The lines cut in the back. The back won’t be as small.


Why Am I Making This?

I’m making a chair because for my term 2 passion project I built a table so I’m going to make a study in my bedroom.


What Audience Is This For?

The audience this is for is the people who don’t have a chair or need a chair.



Passion project Term 2 POST 2

building a table.

so far I’ve bought the wood to start building but I need my uncle to come over and help me cut the wood to the size I need and I also learnt It’s not going easy because I have to wait for the glass to be cut and I’m going to have to sand paper the wood and then polish I until it’s smooth. The next step for me is to get the glass put it on, sand paper, polish and put the legs on to the treated oak.

Passion Project Term 2

For my passion project I decided to design and build a desk. I’m  building a desk because I want put it in my room and I’ve always liked woodwork’s. I like wood works because it’s a hands on and creative.

the design of my  desk is going to look like this desk.

Dimensions=1100 500 750

I’m buying my wood from Bunnings. then I will get the oak wood planks and cut them in to the right shape and sand paper the legs then polish them so their not rough. Next I’ll get some treated pine cut into the shape I need. Finally I’ll go to a glacier to cut the glass for the top.

the legs of the table are going to look like these legs on this table.

the legs are going to be on a angle.

My audience for my passion project is people who like wood works and need a desk.

I’m looking forward to cutting the wood, using the desk and putting the glass on the table.





Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

The three main messages from birke’s talk was to eat organic food’s from local farmers, to know where your food is coming from and try to help community farmers.

The three most powerful things birke said was would your rather pay the farmers of the hospital this is powerful to me because it means would you pay the extra to be healthy or pay less now then pay more later in hospital. Changing one kid at a time this is powerful to me because it means his willing to spend a lot of time on this project to get kids to eat healthy.

Richard TED Talk

The main message for Richards TED talk is that loins are a big problem to farmers in Kenya and there is a way to solve the problem  with out the killing the loins. Another message Is that loins are not dumb animals and lions are afraid of moving light.

Richard got his messages across by being humorous, not talking too fast, eye contact and pictures.

The technical support Richard used was a mic and a telly board.

The techniques Richard used well was eye contact staying on the audience, he also used humour well not too much but to make a joke but enough to make it fun for the audience.

Thomas TED Talk Review

What presentation techniques did he use well?

The main messages in Thomas’s TED  Talk were providing a platform for kids to learn  how to code, making apps are fun.

He used his own experiences about what worked, what didn’t and how to improve the space. He also used humour and engaged with his audience.

The technical support he used was a clicker to change the presentation pictures,

Green Screen

In inquiry with Mr Henderson I learnt how to put green screen in to adobe premiere. First, put your video or picture and your background into adobe premiere. Secondly, go to the top right corner of adobe premiere and click the arrow next to the folder named video effects and scroll down to  keying and click the arrow then there should be a folder named ultra key after drag the ultra key file to the video. Thirdly, got to the top left and click on effect controls after click  the eye dropper next to key colour. Lastly, with the eye dropper click the green around your character or picture and then it should appear on your background.

Green Screen Clinic-wq82u5


Using the green screen studio.

Before using the green screen studio  you need to learn the rules.

  1. Shoes off
  2. no longer than 20 mins in the green screen room
  3. No food or drink
  4. never lock the door
  5. keep the noise down
  6. Leave it neater than you found it
  7. turn off the lights after using the studio

How the use the green screen.

When you green screen avoid shadow do this by turning on all lights and stay a max of 1 meter away from the wall. How to turn on the over head lights, by pressing 2,3,4,5. To turn on the side lights go to the back of the lights and put the switch to 3 and then your ready to green screen.

Adobe Premiere Pro

In Inquiry with Mr Henderson, I learnt about Adobe Premiere it’s a  editing software for films that were going to produce this year. How to use abode premiere. First, wait for it to load, secondly, when it has loaded click on the new project or if your finishing something click on open project and find were you saved your project then double click and it should load. Thirdly once your in open a spare tab with the pictures or videos your want to put in the blog, drag them from the folder into the bottom of the screen where the timeline is and drop the file in there. lastly press space bar to play. This was how to get your footage in to Abode Premiere.

Helpful Tools:

  1. The razor tool. The razor tool is an important part of film making it allows you to cut out and bit of footage from anywhere in the timeline. How you use the razor tool is by clicking on the razor icon on the left hand side of the timeline you can highlight what you want to delete and then press backspace and it’s deleted. If you accidentally deleted something hold control Z and it should undo your last step.

2. The Type tool. The type tool is an important part of film making It allows you to type and display sentences in your movie. How you use the type tool is by clicking the capital T on the right side of the timeline and then click on the program and start typing. When your finished typing on the timeline there should be a pink bar on top of the video part that displays graphic on it. and then if you want to put it in a different scene drag it along until you have it where you want it. If it displays for too long hold the side and hold it and drag it inwards until it’s small enough. If it’s too small drag the pink further out until it’s long enough for your movie.


Wireless Mics

With Mr Henderson I learnt about wireless mics. The wireless mics that I learnt about was a handheld mic and a lapel mic. The lapel mic is called a lapel mic because the part that it normally clips on to the lapel on a blazer. A lapel and the handheld is used for a master shot or full shot because it can produce good audio at long distances. The way the lapel mic works is that the camera has the receiver and the mic has the transmitter. The transmitter is attached to the lapel by a wire that runs through your shirt and goes to the transmitter that is attached to tour pants  sends the audio to the camera. The way the handheld mic works is that there is only one pack and its the receiver that is on the camera because the handheld has it’s on build in transmitter.

These are the packs for the mics.

Lapel on a blazer.

This is a lapel mic

Image result for lapel mic

This is a handheld mic

Image result for handheld mic


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