Luke and Ishaan’s, We Do Lego Project

Luke and Ishaan’s, We Do Lego Project

This is a video of some of the things we made while working with the We Do Lego sets. For the first couple times we were just testing and playing around, and the last couple are tests set by Mr. McKie. We think it was a great experience to be able to create different machines with these amazing Lego sets.  It was so cool that you could make a Lego car and make it move around and go forward and back we absolutely loved it. It was also super that we had to do some challenges as well as just making Ishaan and Luke managed to get two out of three of the challenges done in time. It was also a great time to get to know each other. A bit better and now we are good friends. Together we learnt that you can make amazing things if you have the right materials and a good attitude to all good things and we also learnt that if you work together you can achieve greater. With the spinning birds we learnt how lots of different gears worked and we programmed the birds to go one way then the other. In all the projects we did we learnt how to connect cogs with an engine. Thanks Mr McKie,  we loved Lego we do so much and learnt a lot.


All the things we learnt to build.

  1. Two wheels that spun
  2. A truck
  3. An England red bus
  4. A cog turning factory [that lasted one day]
  5. A long-stretched limousine.
  6. Two dancing birds that moved to the beat
  7. And lastly a plane that tilted and could change propeller speeds.


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