Thomas Suarez TED Talk

After watching Thomas’s TED talk I realised how hard it actually is if you would like to create an app. As Thomas said ‘If you want to play soccer you join a team; if you want to learn piano you get lessons, but if you want to make an app where do you go.’ When he started an app club at his school the word spread around the school that he had made some apps and that got some people interested in making apps themselves. As well as that he has joined an I pad pilot program, helping to create even more apps. Thomas said that his inspiration was from Steve Jobs, who is an inventor and the co founder of apple,  but now Thomas is inspiring many students at his school and across the globe, to create apps and follow your dreams no matter how they are to reach hard. You could see that one of his methods to present his information to the audience in a non-boring way was through humour and making funny comments whilst still keeping on topic. He also raised his voice when he was sharing important or main information during his speech. Thomas used some technical support including a microphone to make his voice louder and a large screen behind him to show pictures of his apps. He also held an I pad and although he always kept eye contact with the audience he did use it for what I assume was dot points to re jog his memory and to stay on track during the speech. In his presentation Thomas did an awesome job of keeping the audience excited by his ideas and involved in what he was talking about, he didn’t talk for an overly long time just got his message across, he also spoke clearly at all times and kept eye contact with the audience members.  At times he got a little lost but the I pad was there to help but over all it was powerful TED talk.

Green screen and Lighting

In this Clinic, The last one, Mr Henderson taught us how to use the green screen effectively. We are getting a new upgrade in the Green Screen room and it will include new lights, black curtains for the windows and a power box that will have a live editing system.
This is the last vlog showing the rules and top tips to use when in the Green Screen room :


Adobe Premiere Pro

This clinic was about the editing software that we use to edit our films. Mr Henderson showed us some of the top tips and the simple effects you can use to make your films more effective. Some of the main things he showed us was: how to input footage/music, How to trim your footage, how to change the size of the picture or the volume of the audio and using fading effects or rate stretch
My Vlog on Adobe Premiere Pro . . .
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