Passion project term 3

For my term 3 passion project i will be doing soccer trickshots. i am doing this because i like soccer and it will be fun and be challenging. i will do indoor and outdoor and get cool shots with a go pro.

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Passion project update

Recently my dad and i have bought all the requirements for our go kart. we made our design. we have all the holes in our wood and have cut the wood and screwed on the front wheels. It will turn with a roe and we have attached our rope and the bolt is lose so it can spin and turn the wood supporting the wheels.

Thomas Suarez Ted Talk


The main messages are:

It is fun to make games and you can let out your imagination when making games. You can also share your games and not give up on your dreams.

Thomas got his messages to the audience by:

Asking questions, sharing what he went through to get all the games and how he started clubs for making games. He wanted to share his thoughts and inspire kids and adults.

The technical support he used was:

Thomas used a Wireless microphone which helped him speak louder in the big audience, the clicker helped him show his pictures, the iPad/script helped him remember his lines just in case he forgot.

The presentation techniques he used well were:

Birke Baehr TED Talk

The main messages in the talk were: To eat more organic food, To buy food from farmers not supermarkets, and to spread word to all the kids to eat organic.

The three things i found to be powerful were: Tell kids about this one by one, pay the farmer or pay the hospital ans supermarket food can cause cancer.

passion project blog

My term 2 passion project will be a go kart.

I want to do a go kart because It involves cutting wood and using nails to put it together. I have used wood to make things before so I will know what i need to do with it. My favourite part about this is the planning.

The go kart will not have an engine it will move when going down a hill. I will need wood, Screws/nails, wheels, axles, seat and rope.

We will go to the stores to get these material and i cant wait!

(PS it would not let me put in photos but i will when i can)



Richard Turere

The main messages in Richards Ted talk were lions are eating there cows so people were killing the lions. Richard then realised that it was not right to kill them so he made an invention that would scare the lion.

He got these messages across to his audience by showing pictures, Using comedy and explaining what his country went through.

The technical support he used was a head set mic he had a screen and a clicker to change the images on the screen.

The presentation techniques he used were his pace while talking, he used eye contact and remembered his lines.

THINK Online

Before you go on online and engage in social media think about the acronym.

Is it true: Is what your saying true? Don’t say things that you wouldn’t like said to you.

Is it helpful: Is what your saying going to hurt someones feelings.

Is it inspiring: Is what you wrote inspiring how would the person think of you.

Is it necessary:


Royalty free music

Royalty free music is a website that has tons of free music without copyright policys.

Normally popular music is copyright but on this website you can listen to sound and songs.

We got to choose music and then find it and mr Gallucio told us to do these

Star wars = epic

wonder = a new beggining

the greatest showman =

It = creepy

titanic = forever

Green screen clinic

In Mr Henderson’s last clinic we did green screens. We learnt about all the equipment used in the green screen studio and lots of tips for when using it. We got time to test out adobe premier with videos of people in a green screen studio.

This was for when we need to insert videos of us in the green screen. Here’s what I made.

Here are some of the tips and rules.

The Green screen room is 20 minutes max, per group.