Royalty free music

Royalty free music is a website that has tons of free music without copyright policys.

Normally popular music is copyright but on this website you can listen to sound and songs.

We got to choose music and then find it and mr Gallucio told us to do these

Star wars = epic

wonder = a new beggining

the greatest showman =

It = creepy

titanic = forever

Green screen clinic

In Mr Henderson’s last clinic we did green screens. We learnt about all the equipment used in the green screen studio and lots of tips for when using it. We got time to test out adobe premier with videos of people in a green screen studio.

This was for when we need to insert videos of us in the green screen. Here’s what I made.

Here are some of the tips and rules.

The Green screen room is 20 minutes max, per group.



Editing with adobe premiere pro

In our second last clinic we did editing. Editing was one of the last clinics till our directors hat.

Editing was one of the hardest clinics, in editing we got time to explore adobe premiere pro and got to make a small movie. Heres what i did.


Here are some editing tips and infomation.


Wireless mics

In Mr Henderson’s class we did Wireless mics.

Wireless mics are mics that don’t connect to the camera.

they connect to the transmitter which wirelessly connects to the receiver which connects to the camera so you can walk to the other side of the room and the camera will pick up your voice.

Here are rules with wireless mics/tips and infomation.

Wiresless mics are good for the wind

Never tap on the mic

Reciever has an R transmitter has a T







shotgun mics

In miss williamsons class we did shotgun mics

Shotgun mics get their name from their long mic shaped like a shotgun.

Here are some facts.

Shotgun mics are directional

Mics built in to the camera are not for high quality videos.


Always use headphones.

The switch at the back needs to be in the middle (the light needs to be green)

I has fun with Shotgun mics. Espacially when we tested them out.


Shotlists and storyboards

In Miss Williamsons class we learnt about planning production and editing. Planning takes 60% of the making of your movie the production part takes up 10% the editing takes up 30%.

Story boards are the most important part.

Its like a comic book version of script.

why we do storyboards

It makes production easier.

Its the best way to share your vision.

Cross off shots as you film.

you can make shotlists and storyboards with: Spread sheets, microsoft excel, apple numbers.

Audio Booths

In Mr Galluccio’s class we did Audio Booths we learnt how to use them and the rules here are some of the important ones:

No food, Leave no evidence that you were there, Leave microphone on bench, Leave USB cable neat, Keep runway clear, don’t knock on window or door, no more than 10 minutes in booth.

Here are photos of our audio booths and the equipment.

This is the microphone.

this is the outside of the audio booth

Using Equipment Properly


Also if speaking loud move back and you may need to unplug the USB when recording, 10 mins in each booth but in the green screen room 20 mins is max.

I enjoyed learning about the sound booths because now i know when i can go in and how they work.


Presenting your piece to camera


In Mr Galluccio’s class we did Presenting your piece to camera.

before you present your piece to camera you need to:

-plan and know your purpose


-jot down notes

-story board


-why you are making the movie

-who you are making it for/audiences

Rehearsal and warm up

A good warm up for your voice is a tongue twister such as:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn’t Fuzzy, Was He?

fuzzy wuzzy premiere 1-2h02qi6

Point Shoot Cameras

In Miss Williamsons class we focused on Point shoot cameras. We learnt about: Rule of thirds, Balancing elements, leading lines, view point, background and framing. We were given cameras to go take photos of interesting things in the school and Tobi and I were partners e went to enviro area to take our photos and we had to take photos using the new techniques we learnt, including: Rule of thirds, Balancing elements, leading lines, view point, background and framing. Rule of thirds is a menu when taking a photo it helps you make you photo more interesting.

This is balancing elements.

This is leading lines

This is view point

this is background

and this is framing.