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When I started Microbit it was a bit hard. I started with the tutorial and I couldn’t get it to work I was frustrated but the next day I knew how to use it. I created hot potato which means I have to hold it with another person we then throw it up from each hand to each other until it shows a skull and whoever is holding it the time with the skull showing, they loose.

I also created a rock paper scissors and flip a coin game. I had a lot of fun with these games but after that I tried to create my own. I managed to create a game where you click all the different buttons and it would show different spaceships and if you stayed too long on a spaceship it would explode. The aim of the game was to get the most time before exploding. You are meant to wait the right amount of time on each space spaceship before it explodes. The game was pretty fun.

I then tried crashybird I found a tutorial on it and I am halfway through it.

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