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Lucy’s Conference

Thanks for presenting your wonderful learning to Dad and I. We are very proud of all your acheivements and how well you are doing!

I am Jack

The second book club book I read was I am Jack by Susanne Geryay.

The book was very sad and detailed. I would recommend the book to people who like sad stories and also like thin books.

The book would not be for people that like fat books or if they do not like sad stories. 


Christophe’s story

My first book club book I read was Christophe’s story.

The book was about a little boy who went to a new school in  London because there was war and got burnt.

I felt sad when Christophe’s dad told him that Matthieu died.

I wonder if the story is going to continue?

The Royal Weeding Day👰🌷

Last  Friday  the 16th of may we all had a royal morning tea well actually royal weeding day get it because we’re in Enviro

lol (laugh out loud) 😆😎 I know I know settle down.  Now on the real stuff you should have been there.

We cooked, wait for it… drum roll  please ROYAL SHEPHERDS PIE !!! We also got to dress up in royal clothes, it was so much fun.

The taste of potato goodness and the taste of meat and cheesy goodness was delicious.

Thank you for reading this tasty presentation.

Growing food

I used to think that planting food was easy but it is NOT.

Now I know that for all plants need good, healthy soil for it to grow.

Now I know that potatoes grow in the ground.

Now I know that sunflowers grow quickly.

Now I know that spinach takes 6 weeks to  grow.

Now I know tomatoes grow in summer like when it’s really hot.

Now I know that in winter farmers have hot houses to grow their tomatoes.


Last  Wednesday  on the 16th of May the Enviro had a visitor, his name was Martin Scuffins and brought in three birds of prey.

Here are the names:

1.Barking Owl

2.Australian Hobby

3.Nankeen kestrel

I will tell you now what the birds looked like, the Barking Owl had black and grey all over its body and it had brown around its eyes in the inside of its eyes. The Australian Hobby looks like a brown bird with yellow on it too. Nankeen Kestrel on its chest it is grey or white on the back it has brown.

I wonder what the birds are doing right now?

Haiku Poem

Hear the echoing,

A peaceful small living bird,

The bright blue wren male.

I wrote my haiku poem about blue wrens because I really like them and they come to our garden. I am really proud of my haiku poem.


Nim’s island Reflection

I liked the movie because it was really interesting. What will happen next? I wish I could watch it over and over again.


. Alex  rover came to the island

. Nim saved Alex rover


I preferred the movie to the book because it has lots of emotion and sadness also happiness.

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