Beetle Blocks

In our first lesson we learnt about shapes and angles. I learnt that to know what degrees to turn is 360 divided by how many sides the shape has. If you had a pentagon you would divide 360 by 5. When you turn an angle you turn part of the outside angle cause your facing the forward.

#1       Polygon

First we made a polygon in Beetle blocks. I made a nonagon.

In the code it uses blocks. the first block says “when flag click” which means when the green flag in the top right corner is clicked the code attached to it will proceed. The repeat block says to repeat the code as many times as is in the variable. Start extruding lines means start drawing the lines that would be printed. Move 2 means move forward 2 spaces. Rotate Z means rotate on the  Z axis. For the variable I put in an operator. The operator says 360/9 which tells the beetle to divide 360 into 9 and then uses the answer in the code.


#2 Repeated Octagon

#3          Stacked Octagon

This was an octagon repeated 8 times and each time it turned 360/8  (45) degrees, and it created this.

Then we had to learn to make our shape stack up on itself like in the screen snip


#4          Repeated shape on the X axis



When I tried to make a shape repeated on the X axis I told it when it rotates between each shape to rotate 360 divided by 300 and then they would overlap making it look solid.


This was my final design the only things I changed is the times I repeated it, the thickness of the lines and the shape.



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