Parts, Purposes and Complexities.

Pulling apart

I’m pulling apart my brothers iPod.

Today we learnt about systems. Parts, people and how they interact. First we did our own about the School system. We scanned it and here is my system.



In our next session we drew our object and labelled all the parts. Then described what those parts did. Here is my work.


Once we had finished we started the pull apart. First I undid the screws and took off the case.

then I got out the memory board, but I had to cut a few wires.

and I also took out the screen.

The screen was made out of all these thin layers of plastic.

here are all the parts so far.




In the upcycle I started to put together an idea of a fly.

This was my plan.

I have glued on wings, eyes, a nose and a mouth.

I was going to programme it so when it is shook or someone gets close to it, it will make a noise.

That’s all I did.


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