Sphero (Jimmy)

By Genevieve and Isla

In sphero we have completed three of the block activities. We have learnt to use lights, sounds and can make the sphero move.

My goal is to understand sphero and be able to move it easlily.

This was our first challenge, to make the sphero  draw a square. this is the video of the square.


Lesson #1

In this we coded using the roll block  and the delay block and in this video we used the loop block so it looped 4 times and to make it change we used a block that said change by 90 degrees each corner of the square. we also used delay blocks in between the changes of angle.


#Lesson 1, 1/2

This is when we made a triangle it was still apart of lesson 1. It was like the square but we had to divide 360% into 3 because a triangle has 3 angles. 360 divided by 3 is 120. then we looped it 3 times, in that loop we put blocks that told sphero to move forward for 1 second, then delay for 1 second, after that we told it to turn 120 degrees and then do the loop.


#Lesson 2

This was toss and throw. For this activity we had to turn the stabilization off to properly throw. Then we used a block so it changes colour and plays an animal sound when you throw it with a certain force.


#Lesson 3

This was when we did spinning top.If you spin it clockwise it turns red. And if you spin it anticlockwise it turns green. We also had to turn the stabilization off.


#Lesson 4

We have now finished the hot potato. were we again turned off stabilization so we could throw it and then like the toss and throw, and in between 3 and 10 throws it will tell you your out.


Java script

#Lesson 1

This was our first Java script. in this lesson we learnt how to programme a line with sphero.


#Lesson 2

In our second and last Java script, we made a square telling it to move forward, turn 90 and repeat it 4 times.


That’s all I did.

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