Ocean Mini Golf

Isla and Genevieve’s Ocean Mini Golf

My goal for this project is to make a golf course that has obstacles usingĀ  a Lego EV3 Brick. It will hopefully include 3 stages. Stage 1: A ship adventure. Stage 2: A path down a shark to get to get to our reef. Stage 3: Exit out though the reef with fish.





We have started our creation, first we are making our code and our Lego.



This is our code for our gates and trap-door.



We have made a gate and a trap door for an obstacle for our pirate ship stage.

This is our gate so far.


This is our trap-door so far.



These are our gates working



This is our trap-door working.


We have also attached the floor of our ship.




This is our shark. He is the path to the reef.




This is what we have made for our ship so far.

we are aiming to attach it to our reef . Make a spinning starfish and add a pipe that the ball can roll through.


We have attached the boat to the reef.




This is our course we’ve made fish and starfish for the reef and added a pipe so the ball is directed to the finishing hole. Our problem was merging everything together, we didn’t have a glue gun till Friday the 6th, and when we painted the base of the reef the paint to ages to dry. Our biggest successes were the making of the ship and the shark the turned out well.


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