My humming bird creature

My Humming Bird Creature

By Genevieve Dennis



My initial goal is to…….

Create a creature that moves and talks and has some LED’s included.

This is my design of what I would like to make.

Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of my design:


This is the first iteration of my creature’s system.


When you press the space key your code underneath will play.

Once you code starts, if you add this block you put your code in the space in the middle it will then repeat the code 10 times that you put in the middle of the block. You can change the amount of times it repeats.

This block controls the motor. in our design we used this block for our gear motor. To make it work you can change what number is where the 100 is, this number controls the power of the motor. You can also change the number where the 1 is, that tells the hummingbird what gate the motor is connected too.

The hummingbird single LED. this light can only show one colour, whatever colour the cord is other than black. Same as the gear motor, where the 1 is, is which gate it is in while the 50 is how much power is put into the light.

The hummingbird TRI-LED is the same to the single LED except that it has three colours on the cord which represent what colours it can show. R stands for Red. B stands for Blue. G stands for Green. With the TRI-LED you can also mix the colours, like I have programmed my lights to show 50 Red and 50 Blue, which makes my light purple. I have programmed two lights, they are in gate 1 and gate 2.


I was able to get these working by switching cords and changing my code.






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