Free Choice MaKey MaKey Project- Facts about Perth!


For the past couple of weeks we have been working on the our free choice ‘MaKey MaKey’ projects. I decided i’ll do facts about Perth; my original home! I had facts about the famous Black Swans, the mesmorising beaches and the modern city.


I was having lots of problems with uploading my audio to Scratch (the main source fo MaKey MaKey). It did not want to upload and it was taking a long time. I ended up stopping with my project and write about what I had done so far.

I hope you liked and give MaKey MaKey a try!

Pac-O and Two Player Game- MaKey MaKey

Over the past two design lessons, we had done Pac-O and Two Player Game. Starting with Pac-O.


Pac-O is a Pacman game on Scratch. Our task was to create game controlers for these games! It was pretty easy to do, and I thought it was quite fun to do! I made game controlers and with the MaKey MaKey control pad, and then got Play-Doh and made arrows!


This one was also fun! The Two Player Game is a maze game with two controlers to control! There was the arrow keys for Player 1 and WASD for Player 2! It was very cool to make the little balls of Play-Doh and then clip the Alligator clips into them. Player 1 used the MaKey MaKey conrols and Player 2 used the keyboard.

Piano and Bongos Project- Makey Makey

This week we have been working on the Bongos and Piano project, using Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an easy invention project. You can make anything! All you need are Alligator Clips, the Control Panel and tin foil. It is that simple! Just hook up and Alligator Clip to an object metal or wrapped in tin foil, and hold onto your earth!


The Bongos were an easy task. You would get 2 Alliagtor Clips, hook one into space, and one into the left arrow and then get some Play-Doh and roll it into two balls, then shove them both in the Play-Doh, then you search up ‘makey makey bongos’ and click the first link. Hold onto the earth and play!


This one is a bit difficult to explain, but what I did was the same as the Bongos, but added more Alligator Clips and wrapped my objects in foil and then attached the clips to them!

Food Quiz

I made two scratch projects about food, from the same information I made, except this one was still about food, but it wasnt one of my original ideas.

I made this of course, but this wasn the first thing I thought about. Some of my friends were doing a quiz, and I thought, ‘This looks really cool! Can I do one too?’ And, they let me. My friend Chloe had helped me with the coding, because of course I cant do a quiz by myself. And I was suprised on how simple it was, and how hard it looked! You are just repeating the same pattern over and over again. Here is a snip of some of the coding!

Now the quiz is quite difficult…unless you are addicted to food and know what the most expensive pizza is. (12,000) So this is going to be hard. But I give you the permission to search up the answers! I went onto websites for the answers, and correct me if I am wrong with them! Although I think they are right.

I really liked this project, and I think it came out better then my other one. If you want to play this quiz, you can go onto Scratch and then search up  TGC  Year 5 Projects and you will see mine there.

Scratch – Fast Food Ad inspiration

In Scratch…We  have made projects about our inspiration…and obviously mine is food.

It has been a long progress. The first thing you do is go to your visual diary and make a few detailed pages..

1.   INSPIRATION: Like I said inspiration is food. So I made a page with a few pictures and some meanings like this picture.

2.  CHOICES/IDEAS/WINNER: So my ideas were a Fast Food Ad, Chef/Cooking Show and Restaurant. My ideas all came to use and I wrote a short description for each one. My winner was Fast Food Ad, which is at the top here. 

3.  SCRATCH: Now it was time to do my Scratch Project. I chose the Fast Food Ad. I thought this idea would be simple and cool to do in Scratch! It was also quite fun to make.ideas

My Inspiration Page

About Me

We had another project, called ‘About Me’.

‘About Me’ was about making a Scratch project, that explains some important or your favourite things about you! Here is a picture of my project.

What I did, was when you click the ‘Sprites’ a little information pops up. Like when you click on my dog, it comes with her favourite and weirdest things about her.

I really liked this project!


Addo is a bingo maths game we play on our computers, or with paper cards.

Mrs Jones introduced us to Addo on our computers, not long ago. We focused on making our best grids and picking the right numbers. How you play, is simple. You pick up to cards from different piles and add them together, whatever the total is, you check if you have that number on your grid or ‘board’ and if you have it, you cross it out!

We also made Addition Tables, here is a picture of one. These are easy, once you see the pattern.

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi! Welcome to My Blog!

 I’m Madi and I’m a Geelong College student. Here is some information about me:

My favourite thing to do is mess around with my dog, Missy. I love running around with this hyper doggy. She is my first and only dog, and obviously the best one. I have a Spoodle, which is a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.


My favourite colour is lavender. Lavender is like a light purple. But honesty, I change favourite colours a lot.

Things I HATE are fruit and vegetables. I know! I can’t even have a strawberry without gagging. I also hate cats. They are just so lazy, and I just can’t help it. (I’m sorry cat lovers.)


Scratch is a program that you can code with. I have a few pictures of some codes I have fixed and made. I have learnt lots already throughout our Design lessons. It is very fun as well, which makes it even better to learn!

Debug It! 1.1

Debug it! 1.1 is the first and easiest. What you have to do, is put the ‘when green flag clicked’ block at the top of the code.

When the green flag is clicked, both Gobo and Scratch Cat should start dancing. But only Scratch Cat starts dancing!

Ten Block Challenge

My code with the Ten Block Challenge is a Ocean Swim. Where a diver is following a fish and finds a lot of really cool things.

Debug it

a tiny bit of the Ten Block Challenge