Drones (Tello) ☆

Today (2/12/2020) we did TELLO Drones. It was really fun because we got to fly them around the oval and mess around with different flight modes. We had the same coding website as our Hummingbird, Snap. It was much easier to code the drones on Snap rather than Hummingbird. We tried to get some shots […]

Ev3 (Lego Robotics)

INTRODUCING LEGO ROBOTICS We have been having design days for the last couple of weeks. We have been juggling Sphero and Ev3 (Lego Robotics), if you want to know more about Sphero you can check out my last post. We have been doing lots of challenges the past 2 design days and it has been […]

Introducing… Sphero!

Sphero is a robot ball you can code, and drive around. It is an incredibly fun task and great thing to mess with! Last week we did Sphero. In Sphero we had the challenge of figuring how to use them. It was a very fun task to accomplish. We had to learn to aim and […]

Piano and Bongos Project- Makey Makey

This week we have been working on the Bongos and Piano project, using Makey Makey Makey Makey is an easy invention project. You can make anything! All you need are Alligator Clips, the Control Panel and tin foil. It is that simple! Just hook up and Alligator Clip to an object metal or wrapped in […]

Food Quiz

I made two scratch projects about food, from the same information I made, except this one was still about food, but it wasnt one of my original ideas. I made this of course, but this wasn the first thing I thought about. Some of my friends were doing a quiz, and I thought, ‘This looks […]