Digital Ettiquette

Netiquette – It is a code of conduct and politeness that you use online. It is actually a real word I looked in the dictionary. The dictionary definition of this is┬áthe correct or acceptable way of using the Internet. It is like the etiquette that you use at home but online.

Flame Wars/Flaming – It is like a tounge war but online. It is when an argument has got out of hand and people are spamming insults at each other.

Trolls – People who go around and insult and annoy people on line. The act of someone annoying you, pranking you online and deliberately starting a flame war are all examples of trolling.

Anonymous – Someone with a hidden identity. Someone who is hidden online behind their username. Nobody knows who you are online but that does not mean you have the right to ditch netiquette.

Communicating clearly – When formally talking to someone don’t use emojis/abbreviations e.g. LOL Gr8 u r pls. Don’t use all caps. e.g. HELLO Don’t use sarcasm either e.g. I really hate that post. Because they can’t tell by the tone of your voice.

Permission – When posting something about someone ask for their permission first e.g. a photo with them.

Tim means that like when you are talking to someone you can’t take back your words and online you can’t take back your text. A good way to avoid these problems is rereading your texts.



THINK Online

The think acronym is an acronym that tells you what to think before you post.

True – You have to think before you post is it true. This means don’t post untrue stuff about you online like saying you’re some =one else or lying about your age.

Helpful – Will it help someone. Don’t post things that don’t help people.

Inspiring – Does the post make the other person feel good. Don’t do a post that makes them feel like they are uninspired.

Necessary – Is it Necessary, do you need to do it or are you doing it for no reason. This does not include saying hello and talking to someone because you would do that in real life too.

Kind – Don’t post unkind comments because it makes the other person feel bad and it is unkind. If you do this over and over again it is cyberbullying.





For my passion project I am making a fake heart. I am going to make it out of PVC pipe and glue. It is not too hard because the heart is fairly simple. Down below I have put in a picture of a drawing I made showing how I can make a heart out of PVC pipe. I have labelled all the parts in a real heart on my PVC pipe version.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birk Baehr did his talk on our food system. He explained how he want to be an organic farmer and about the disgusting way scientists unnaturally modify our food. One of the parts that he did that I understood well is when he said advertising is colourful and how children are attracted to colour. He taught his cousin how she shouldn’t eat sparkly cereal which was also interesting.

His audience were really vocal and clapped and laughed a lot. He threw in a few jokes at the start like the tomato fish to warm up the audience. He challenged the audience to find out where your food comes from as well. He said would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital which I liked because he put forth an argument against the cheap imported food.

The only technical support he used was a slideshow behind him and a tiny microphone that was stuck onto his collar. He put facts on his slideshow but not a lot. Someone else was controlling the slideshow because he did not have a remote with him. His mouth was a little out of sync with his voice because of the microphone.

He spoke really loud and clearly so I could hear everything he said. He acted confident on stage and it looked like he practised a lot because he did not have a script with him of any kind. He acted relaxed on stage even though he was probably thinking really hard while he was talking.

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere did his TED talk on lions and his invention to stop them eating the livestock. He created an invention that scared away lions without killing them. He showed that anyone could do anything and violence can be stopped. He stopped the killing of lions with flashing lights he made himself. He also helped everybody around who wanted them for free, so he helped a lot of people and lions out to stop the killings.

He got these messages across by using graphic images to show people how bad it was and it made his message stronger. He started with a strong image to get people into what he is talking about quickly. He added a few jokes in to break it apart and keep the audience interested.

The main technical support he used was his projector. He used it to show pictures behind him. He did not have any script unlike Thomas Suarez. He used the pictures well and he chose his pictures wisely. He used 1 video which was the video of his invention in the dark. He also used a microphone.

He spoke clearly and I could understand everything he said even with his accent. He did not have a script with him. He memorised everything that the said and that way he maintained good eye contact with the audience. He acted confident on stage by using hand gestures and not slouching. He prompted the audience by smiling when he told a joke encouraging his audience to laugh.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

His main message was how to get into game development and where to start as a game developer. The way he got these messages across was by starting with a story and how he does what he does. He got his message out clearly also by adding a few jokes here and there. Using a remote he used the screen behind him to change slides but he used it very sparingly. An ipad was with him but he hardly looked at it, he probably had dot points on ipad because it is easier to quickly reminding him of what he needed to say. The talking was clear and expressive while he was acting confident on stage.