Mexico RVE

In RVE we were doing a country study. This meant that we had to draw the flag, religion, social behaviours and culture. The country that I chose was Mexico mostly because I like Mexican food. In this blog post I will show you a few things I researched about this country.

The biggest difference from this country to Mexico is the economy. 40% of people are under the poverty line in Mexico while 13% of people in Australia are under the poverty line. 20% of people in Mexico live on under $8 a day. There is a lot of music and dancing in Mexico and there are usually a lot of celebrations going on in the streets. In Mexico 73% of people speak Spanish. While the others speak native languages like Zapotec, and some of them speak English as well.

In Mexico people nowadays usually wear western clothes like we do in Australia. But their traditional clothes are very different. The religion in Mexico is mainly Christian like Australia. 82% of people in Mexico are Christian. 52.1% of people in Australia are Christian.

I would find all the bright colours and the music very interesting. I would also find all the different festivals like panceanera and the day of the dead. Something I would find challenging would be the poverty. It would be hard to live with 10 people living in a single home (like lots of Mexican people) and getting restricted to the amount of tacos I can eat.

Pie chart of language in Mexico + RVE Book


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