I have learnt that Scratch does not like being scrolled down. but I have managed to make most of the project, I need to touch up on the editing and fix a few bugs, I also need to do the art and then I am done. I have figured a way to make the game scroll down which is good but it glitches out a lot. Scratch is mostly used when you are a character and you move to the side and it scrolls. Not when you are falling and the screen scrolls downwards. This game has been really fun to make hopefully it is still fun (and not extremely frustrating) during the rest of the project. The way the game works is you have a menu and you pick endless and campaign (endless is only unlocked when you finish the campaign). Then you go through three story based levels in the campaign and you learn the levels as they are not randomised. Then you unlock the endless mode which is randomised and not endless so you rely on your reflexes not your memory. I am still working on the art as I want this game to be very aesthetically pleasing as well as fun to play.

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