Lost Princess

In digital citizenship we looked at this movie. It was a movie about people and bad things that have happened to them online. The main character was lost princess that met white night online. But he was actually a lot older then he said he was. In between there were short scenes of real people’s experience online. My real character I am doing is Lucy.

Lucy had her phone stolen by bullies. She had no password so they could get into all of her stuff because she did not log off her social media accounts either. The bullies were saying untrue stuff about her and making it look like she did it. She used the same password for her email so they could get into that too and send her hurtful messages. She was getting very sad because of it but she did not know if it was bullying or not so she did not tell anyone. In the end she told her dad who called the police who told her that it was a form of bullying. If she had logged out of her social media and had strong and different passwords this would not have happened. If she acted on it quicker there would be less trouble. Maybe it was because she did not know about it and she was not well educated on cyberbullying. The biggest massage I take out of this is to keep your passcodes secure as well. Most of us get lazy with their passcodes and lots of different people know your passcode. Nobody usually logs out of their social media so if someone knows your passcode they can get through to you social media as well.


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