Win At The Fair

The Loosing Game Board

In the loosing game board our class lost $187.40 from 149 games. The other classes also lost a lot of money from this game board. There is an image of the game board underneath. We lost a lot of money because there was a lot more hexagons with money gained than money lost. The arrows in the game board also were mostly pointing to the side. All the higher numbers were at the top of the game board so this was not ideal. When we were playing the game I was happy to be getting the higher numbers but then we were told that we were the people who own the game board and we lost a lot of money.

Our Task

Our task was to fix the game board so that we would make a profit of $300 out of 1000 trials. This means every game board we should pay out an average of $0.70. The game board also needs to be enticing. That means that you have to make a game board that someone would want to play. That means you can’t have a game board that has all $0 over the board.

Creative and Official Board

The first game board that we created was the creative game board. The creative game board we did on paper and we could do a lot of stuff with it. For example we could have squares that move the counter to other squares and numbers in the middle of the board instead of the outside of the board. My creative board is below. My board had numbers on the middle and most of the arrows going up. This created a maze that the person had to navigate by chance. I also had a $500 in an impossible spot so it would be more enticing. There was a hole that made you go back to the start in a spot that would have a high probability of hitting a $30 jackpot.

The second board we created which was the official board we used the Maths 300 software to create. We could not be as creative because we could not put numbers in the middle they had to be on the outside of the board, we could not expand the board and we could not have special tiles. But the really good thing about the software is that we could run trials. We could run 1000 simulations in 10 seconds. The software also showed the average money put out and the money won/lost. I created quite a few successful game boards but the last one I made was enticing and made about $300 every time. One strategy that I used was having a big jackpot that is really rare to reach which makes it enticing. Another strategy was to have more winners than losers to make it even more enticing. To balance this out I had the numbers most likely to be rolled and put them going forward to move the counter up. I put the spots most likely to be hit with less money and vica versa. I tried putting more numbers once but it did not work because it was less enticing. My last board was my most successful as you can see below.


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