Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere did his TED talk on lions and his invention to stop them eating the livestock. He created an invention that scared away lions without killing them. He showed that anyone could do anything and violence can be stopped. He stopped the killing of lions with flashing lights he made himself. He also helped everybody around who wanted them for free, so he helped a lot of people and lions out to stop the killings.

He got these messages across by using graphic images to show people how bad it was and it made his message stronger. He started with a strong image to get people into what he is talking about quickly. He added a few jokes in to break it apart and keep the audience interested.

The main technical support he used was his projector. He used it to show pictures behind him. He did not have any script unlike Thomas Suarez. He used the pictures well and he chose his pictures wisely. He used 1 video which was the video of his invention in the dark. He also used a microphone.

He spoke clearly and I could understand everything he said even with his accent. He did not have a script with him. He memorised everything that the said and that way he maintained good eye contact with the audience. He acted confident on stage by using hand gestures and not slouching. He prompted the audience by smiling when he told a joke encouraging his audience to laugh.

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