Fays 9’s Reflection

In this tasks we had to put the numbers 1 to 9 in a 3×3 square so when we added them up vertically they would equal 999. We were not allowed to reuse numbers.

The first thing I thought was if we would have to carry numbers around. I also was unsure about how we would get all of the 180 solutions.

The biggest pattern I found was that the units column would have to equal 19. The tens 18 and the hundreds 8. Another pattern I found was that you could swap a column of three around in 6 different ways. One could not be used in the ones column and the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 could not be used in the hundreds column.

I broke the problem down by first trying to find some solutions and then comparing my solutions to see if I could find some patterns. I found the 19, 18, 8 pattern this way. Then I focused on the rows. There were 5 combinations that would equal 19. Then I focused on how this fitted together and how we would find all of the solutions.

Well first I found three individual combos that would add up to 999. 168 + 327 + 694 = 999. 158 + 327 + 694 = 999. 326 + 175 + 498 = 999. This way we figured out what the rows equal. Then we found the 5 unique combos that add up to 19. The combos were, 8+2+9, 8+7+4, 6+5+8, 6+4+9, 7+3+9. We could swap these numbers around 6x. So 180 divided be 5 is equal to 36. Which gives us the 36 different solutions per 1 unique 5 solution. And we can reverse this 36 x 5 = 180. For the 180 solutions.

The challenging part of this was forming a plan that would give me 180 solutions. But once I found all the solutions that would give me 19 it became a lot easier.


I am going to create a hideaway for my rabbit Emoji.

When he is sleeping and resting he likes going to a corner or under a bed because in the wild rabbits go into their borrows to sleep. He has a box already but it is kind of small and when ever we want to check on him we have to lift it and he wakes up. This puts him in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

My rabbit house I am going to create will be rounded and not boxlike. There will be artificial grass on the outside top and it will be painted brown. There will be a hinge on one of the sides of the den with a small piece of wood attached to it. This will allow me to check on him without waking him. There will be no bottom to the house to make it easier to put food and water in it.


Mexico RVE

In RVE we were doing a country study. This meant that we had to draw the flag, religion, social behaviours and culture. The country that I chose was Mexico mostly because I like Mexican food. In this blog post I will show you a few things I researched about this country.

The biggest difference from this country to Mexico is the economy. 40% of people are under the poverty line in Mexico while 13% of people in Australia are under the poverty line. 20% of people in Mexico live on under $8 a day. There is a lot of music and dancing in Mexico and there are usually a lot of celebrations going on in the streets. In Mexico 73% of people speak Spanish. While the others speak native languages like Zapotec, and some of them speak English as well.

In Mexico people nowadays usually wear western clothes like we do in Australia. But their traditional clothes are very different. The religion in Mexico is mainly Christian like Australia. 82% of people in Mexico are Christian. 52.1% of people in Australia are Christian.

I would find all the bright colours and the music very interesting. I would also find all the different festivals like panceanera and the day of the dead. Something I would find challenging would be the poverty. It would be hard to live with 10 people living in a single home (like lots of Mexican people) and getting restricted to the amount of tacos I can eat.

Pie chart of language in Mexico + RVE Book



I have learnt that Scratch does not like being scrolled down. but I have managed to make most of the project, I need to touch up on the editing and fix a few bugs, I also need to do the art and then I am done. I have figured a way to make the game scroll down which is good but it glitches out a lot. Scratch is mostly used when you are a character and you move to the side and it scrolls. Not when you are falling and the screen scrolls downwards. This game has been really fun to make hopefully it is still fun (and not extremely frustrating) during the rest of the project. The way the game works is you have a menu and you pick endless and campaign (endless is only unlocked when you finish the campaign). Then you go through three story based levels in the campaign and you learn the levels as they are not randomised. Then you unlock the endless mode which is randomised and not endless so you rely on your reflexes not your memory. I am still working on the art as I want this game to be very aesthetically pleasing as well as fun to play.

Lost Princess

In digital citizenship we looked at this movie. It was a movie about people and bad things that have happened to them online. The main character was lost princess that met white night online. But he was actually a lot older then he said he was. In between there were short scenes of real people’s experience online. My real character I am doing is Lucy.

Lucy had her phone stolen by bullies. She had no password so they could get into all of her stuff because she did not log off her social media accounts either. The bullies were saying untrue stuff about her and making it look like she did it. She used the same password for her email so they could get into that too and send her hurtful messages. She was getting very sad because of it but she did not know if it was bullying or not so she did not tell anyone. In the end she told her dad who called the police who told her that it was a form of bullying. If she had logged out of her social media and had strong and different passwords this would not have happened. If she acted on it quicker there would be less trouble. Maybe it was because she did not know about it and she was not well educated on cyberbullying. The biggest massage I take out of this is to keep your passcodes secure as well. Most of us get lazy with their passcodes and lots of different people know your passcode. Nobody usually logs out of their social media so if someone knows your passcode they can get through to you social media as well.



My passion project will be making a game on scratch. I will try and do something new and different like a scrolling game and one with random sprites. I have used scratch before but not done many games before mostly animations. I am have started working on my scratch right now have made some progress. I have an idea in mind but might change it depending on what scratch will allow me to do. I am going to do a game where a skydiver is falling and he has to avoid hitting stuff as he makes his way to the ground.

DC Cartoons

In DC we looked at funny cartoons about technology and the truth behind them.

Some people might find it funny because the girl is looking around with really good posture at a bird tweeting while her boyfriend is slouched and hundreds of tweets coming from his phone.

I feel like the message is when you go somewhere make the most of something. Don’t look at your phone when you have something better to look at. There is so much going on around you but you choose to look at a phone and spoil the opportunity.

This message is important because the real world is everywhere but you are always in an unhealthy make up world. And If you don’t stop you will be stuck and will be addicted.

I still find it funny but the actual situation underneath it is not very funny. It is portrayed in an exaggerated way which makes it funnier.



Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

My passion project was to create a model heart out of PVC pipe. It ended about half a meter longer than I thought it would be. I did what I set out to do and more. Before I was going to leave it white and not label it but because I had the time I painted it according to the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. I did some research also and labelled the heart correctly from the Vena Cavas to the Aorta. Something else that I changed was the way I built it. I did not do it exactly to plan. I joined the aterys and veins going to the lungs because it kind of felt like two parts so I joined it together.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? 

Near the end the paint that I used was not working well so I went to Bunnings to get some different paint. The paint that we got from Bunnings worked very well and the painting went better than I thought it would.

How did you overcome the challenges?

As I said before I had to get some different paint. When I was creating it I ran out of pipe so I had to get some new pipe. Near the end I had to fix the pipes back on because the hot glue I used came off a bit.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

If I could do something more I would put the valves in so it would work like a real heart. I would also use a different kind off material to create the ventricles because then it would look more like a real heart.


Win At The Fair

The Loosing Game Board

In the loosing game board our class lost $187.40 from 149 games. The other classes also lost a lot of money from this game board. There is an image of the game board underneath. We lost a lot of money because there was a lot more hexagons with money gained than money lost. The arrows in the game board also were mostly pointing to the side. All the higher numbers were at the top of the game board so this was not ideal. When we were playing the game I was happy to be getting the higher numbers but then we were told that we were the people who own the game board and we lost a lot of money.

Our Task

Our task was to fix the game board so that we would make a profit of $300 out of 1000 trials. This means every game board we should pay out an average of $0.70. The game board also needs to be enticing. That means that you have to make a game board that someone would want to play. That means you can’t have a game board that has all $0 over the board.

Creative and Official Board

The first game board that we created was the creative game board. The creative game board we did on paper and we could do a lot of stuff with it. For example we could have squares that move the counter to other squares and numbers in the middle of the board instead of the outside of the board. My creative board is below. My board had numbers on the middle and most of the arrows going up. This created a maze that the person had to navigate by chance. I also had a $500 in an impossible spot so it would be more enticing. There was a hole that made you go back to the start in a spot that would have a high probability of hitting a $30 jackpot.

The second board we created which was the official board we used the Maths 300 software to create. We could not be as creative because we could not put numbers in the middle they had to be on the outside of the board, we could not expand the board and we could not have special tiles. But the really good thing about the software is that we could run trials. We could run 1000 simulations in 10 seconds. The software also showed the average money put out and the money won/lost. I created quite a few successful game boards but the last one I made was enticing and made about $300 every time. One strategy that I used was having a big jackpot that is really rare to reach which makes it enticing. Another strategy was to have more winners than losers to make it even more enticing. To balance this out I had the numbers most likely to be rolled and put them going forward to move the counter up. I put the spots most likely to be hit with less money and vica versa. I tried putting more numbers once but it did not work because it was less enticing. My last board was my most successful as you can see below.