cardboard shelf

This is about making a cardboard shelf the prototype for the cardboard shelf went really well because it was thin and easier to slot together the slot joins so it only took an hour but lots of the time was trimming it so it would stand up and look cool but after a while it stood up. The thicker cardboard was much harder because the slot joins took a while to make the slot in and you couldn’t use scissors you had to use a stanely knife to cut through the thick cardboard but at the end I was able to finish it.

light up mask

This is a light up mask and this what we did for our second design project that we do at school. It was really cool when the mask lights up after you have done all the work and it looked so cool with all the lights working. Decorating the mask was fun because then you get to design it how every you want. My favourite part was finally getting he lights to work which was a great feeling of excitement and the you got to wear it around everywhere but the hardest part was knowing how to sow the cotton on the lights.

wedo projects

we found a problem because the wire got tangled at the bottom of the car so it wouldn’t go straight and it was really fun fixing the car and driving it around the classroom. The Lego spinner was harder because we got lots of the cogs in the wrong place but it worked out even though it was really fun and easy to program. The fun part was doing the Lego spinner because it was fun getting it to work but it was really hard because we kept messing up because we kept on putting the cogs in really bad but we finished.

Welcome to your new Digital Portfolio


Welcome to your College Digital Portfolio! A Digital Portfolio is like having your own website. It is a place for you to learn about being an active and responsible digital citizen by creating a portfolio of your best work to showcase and share with others. Through the creation of a blog, you will be able to write regular reflections and share your learning journey through photo and video with your teachers, parents, each other and possibly even experts from all around the world.

For more information and support, speak to your teacher, explore, play and learn from each other! Learn how to publish your first post by visiting Publish your First Post. After that see what you can do! Visit the Edublogs User Guide for more help developing your new online space.

There are so many ways in which to use your space, for example:

  • Documenting and reflecting on your learning, passions, and interests, both in and out of school
  • Curating and highlighting work for your Student-Led Conferences
  • In some instances, your teachers will also ask you to submit, reflect and comment on other students work in this portfolio

That’s enough to get you going. Your Digital Portfolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Good luck!