Passion Project update Term 2

What have you achieved so far?

I have got everything from Bunnings and did my prototype which was so successful that it landed on my double story house. but luckily i got a spare of everything so i can make another one which will be the model i use the day i launch it.

What type of learning have you done to up-skill yourself?

I have learned lots of things like how important the fins can be which help it go straight up not forward . I Have also learned that it is very difficult to findย  parts for a bottle rocket here in Australia because all the videos i watched were either from America or Britain.

What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

Finding a good video or article that can help me was hard and i didn’t even find one. I also had trouble with the launching because the water kept leaking out the bottom of the rocket. But on the good side i got a few launches that just made it over the house before it got stuck.

What is the next step for you?

The next step is to make the good model then do little stuff to make it better which will hopefully be done by the end of this term.

Birke Baehr

One of his main messages was that most companies manipulate little kids to by their genetically modified food. He also mention that we can make a difference by buying organic food and know your farmer, another message was that if you spread this message you can make a difference and he shared a story about a kid saying that he wants to eat organic because Birke said, Then he said that we can change the world one kid at a time.

The most powerful message i thought was, is when he say’s that we could buy organic and pay the farmer or we could pay the hospital. I found it powerful because it is a true statement. Another was that we can change the world one kid at a time, It was powerful because he was basically saying that we can make a difference if we tell everybody about this matter. At the start he mentions that kids his age can get tricked so easily, i find it powerful because when i go to the shops and there might be cereal that says its healthy but when you check it not healthy at all so it is very relate able.

Richard Turere

The main message that he was trying to imply was that you don’t have to kill the lions. One of the other messages was that one small idea can turn into something big. He set a goal then he did then he set another goal.

He got the message to the audience by showing a lot of pictures behind him. He also used the right bit of humour not to much but just the right idea. He made his stories really personal like how he was just herding his dads cows and then he got a scholarship.

He did not use as much technical support as Thomas but he did use, a clicker that changed the picture so it matched his talking. He also projected his voice using the microphone which he did need because it was such a big audience.

Richard used a little bit of humour which is good and he balanced it or else everyone would think that what he was saying was a joke. He had lots personal stories which was good because nobody wanted him talking about some one else. Another thing that Richard did was back his words up with pictures which was nice.

Passion Project Term 2

For my first passion project i’m going to create a water bottle rocket. This is a bottle rocket that gets pressured by air which i will pump in then that water has to go somewhere so it squirts it out the bottom which lifts it of the ground.

I will get this to work using PVC pipes, a pump, 2 litre bottle and some paper and cardboard but i haven’t fully planned it.

This is aimed at people who like making stuff like arts and crafts and maybe other people that like making stuff fly or watching stuff fly.But i think anybody would like the surprise of seeing it fly after all of your hard work.

I’m really looking forward to the surprise of launching it for the first time after a month of hard work and spending sometime at school launching it an letting the whole class see what i have been working on.

THINK online

The THINK poster is suppose to encourage people not to put negative stuff online. If you do put negative stuff online it could hurt someones feelings or if it is serious you might get in trouble by the government or the website.

T is for true. You need to be true because you don’t want to go around spreading rumours.T could also be think.

H is for helpful. If you send something that is not helpful, then it could put someone down and make them have a bad day. H could also be harmful or hurtful.

I is for inspiring. You need to send something inspiring not negative so maybe you could make someones day. I could be interesting.

N is for necessary. Before you post something you need to think if it necessary to send it or, will it hurt someones feelings. N could be needed

K is for kind. If you don’t post something kind on social media your’e letting everyone see it and the won’t want to talk to you. K could also be keen.


Ted Talks

Thomas Suarez’s Ted Talks

ย The main message for his ted talks was to tell kids and adults where to make apps. He also tried to encourage kids to make apps, and that sometimes adults can learn from kids. Another message was to keep on going with your passion don’t stop.

He tried to make the audience laugh, and use things that they could relate to like that parents don’t know much about apps but kids do, and you know where to go if you want to play soccer or violin but not how to make apps. He also made fun of Justin Bieber.

Thomas had a little microphone so he could project his voice using a speaker. You could also see a little clicker he was using so he could project images up behind him. Another obvious thing was his iPad that he used because he couldn’t remember his lines, but he still made eye contact.

One of his techniques to engage his audience was to make a few jokes here and there, eye contact and body language. Body language is really important because this shows he wants to entertain us and teach us, not like he is forced into saying the stuff even if he isn’t.

Green Screen Clinic

The green screen clinic was one of the two long clinics, the other long clinic was adobe premiere pro. The reason they use the type of green colour is because we have no traces of that kind of colour in our skin so it won’t clash, or you could use a blue colour if you are wearing green. at the end we got to crop shia LaBeaouf into a drone video i will show you that in my video.

Adobe premiere pro

This is meant to be the hardest clinic. It is so advanced that film makers use it, adobe premiere pro is an editing software. It is a hard thing for our computers to run so put your battery on best performance and plug it in so that it makes running adobe premiere pro smoother. I will explain all of what i learnt in the video so it will be a bit longer.

Zoom cameras

I missed the day the class did this clinic but luckily Ben H and Will S volunteered to help me catch up which was kind of them, In this clinic i learnt that zoom cameras are meant to pick up audio in front of it not behind it. there is a different way to turn the mic on compared to normal cameras you need to lift it up, you also need to lift it up when charging or else it wont charge. i will explain some other stuff in the video.

Royalty free music

Royalty free music is music that is copyright free, copyright is when a song or something else has been made and the person who made it doesn’t want it to be used by another person. we talked about a game that has copied a dance and a song that has copied a tune. in the video i will talk about a website you can use and what we did in that lesson.