Arduino drone

week 4 teusday

on Monday we didn’t do much because the stuff wasn’t in jaycar. so I had to find another good motor while Ishaan was helping Hayden with the prototype drone which doesn’t work because it doesn’t have powerful enough motors while I was researching Euan was trying to figure out how to 3D print a drone body because that’s the lightest material. the motor I found was a hobby mate 2204. I did some research on it and the only 2 bad things the first one is it does make an annoying sound when it is spinning and the second one is that we haven’t got it yet so we don’t know how to get it to spin and if we can use Arduino drone.

this is the hobby mate 2204.


this Friday we still didn’t have enough parts to start on the proper drone so we started a prototype which is made out of cardboard. I recon it wont fly because we need more powerful motors. it was only me and Euan that were did it because Ishaan was away and Hayden was doing Robocop. the motors that we order are going to be here next Friday because there from china.

week 5 Tuesday

on Tuesday we had to start a new prototype because the cardboard bent on the first one but we managed to finish this one and get all the motors spinning at the end and it looked really cool but it didn’t fly because it was to heavy but when you lift it up it felt much lighter. Hayden wasn’t there because he was at Robocop. it also felt really nice when you put your hand under the propellers because of the wind.


on Friday we couldn’t do anything so we decided to do more research. I researched the type of propellers that will give more thrust. Ishaan was trying to figure out how to convert a plan from paint 3d to solidworks. Hayden was ordering more stuff like Bluetooth modules and Arduino esplora and finding out how to attach them to Arduino boards. Euan was getting help from ben on 3d printing a drone body which they didn’t finish. next lesson we will probably get the motors so we can do a better prototype until the 3d printing is done.

week 6 Tuesday

on Tuesday we didn’t have much time because for the first period we had to go listen to a band. we got the motors there not hobbymate 2204 they are tarot MT 2205. we spent the lesson trying to find a website that will show us how to make it spin but most of them were blocked but then we found one that worked but that said we need a 30A opto to do it so next lesson I will try and see if we can do it without that.


this Friday we got the esplora. Hayden was trying to Bluetooth everything. I was trying to get the motors to work without the converter but it wasn’t possible all we got were that the motors twitched but didn’t spin. while I was doing that Ishaan successfully found a good 3d drone body so and we went over to the makers space to measure the 3d printing board and it was long enough to 3d print the drone body. Euan was trying to find a good propeller on the internet which he still hasn’t found. next lesson we don’t know what to do if the converters aren’t here.

week 7 Tuesday

today we did more research because the converters didn’t come. we got a small 3d printing drone body which looks cool and also we got the coding to connect the small Bluetooth component with the beetle next week we hope to have the converters


today we got the lithium polymer battery which looked cool but the converters still are coming. Ishaan and Euan were looking for good propellers on thingiverse Hayden was  doing more research and I was seeing if we can power all the motors on one Arduino genuino which I think we can and after that I was looking for a way to connect the battery but I was doing it I did something very stupid and didn’t put resisters in so when I connected smoke started coming out but I quickly unplugged it so then checked if was still use able and it was. next lesson the will be on Friday because of camp on Tuesday but on Friday I am sure the converters would have arrived so I will try and get the motors to spin

week 8 Friday

This week the converters arrived which is the ones that switch 3 wires on the motors to 2 wires. I also found a circuit and program for the motors that use the 30A optos so I was trying that. but when I tried to upload the code it said at the bottom that it was to much megabytes next week I don’t know what to do because I cant get the motors to spin.

week 9 Tuesday 

on Tuesday the teachers announced that there will be a exhibition and told us we should start working on it and Lucas showed us what he going to do for the exhibition. I decided to try the circuit for the motor one more time which didn’t work like normal. then we started the poster thing like Lucas we used a box with flaps at the bottom we sticky taped the bottom flaps so it stands properly then we coloured the flaps in at the bottom. I am not to sure if there is a next lesson but if there is I will hopefully finish the poster for the exhibition

week 9 Friday

today Hayden did some of the writing for the expo and Ishaan edited Hayden’s writing. I was looking for an alternative because the motors won’t work and Euan was helping Hayden type and was doing his blog.

week 10 Tuesday

Today I helped choose the music for about 10 minutes. I also did research on what way we can do to make the motors spin and I found out that we need a 15a Dshot converters and a Dshot board to connect the converters to I will try and get them over the holidays. I also found a website called prop wash. next lesson it will be the expo and it might be shortened because school finishes early.


before we do our big project we have to test somethings out so we know what we would do. we had some options but I decided to do scratch. scratch is an app that allows you to make games. my game is a game were the shark chases the fish and if the fish gets caught then the shark wins the only way for the fish to win is if he tricks the shark to go and caught by the octopus and the fish can also be caught by the octopus. now I will show how the game works by showing you the program of all the animals.

this is the fish program all of the block things are basically the same but some are just saying turn right, forwards, left or back. the programing is if the fish is touching the shark it says I’m dead then hide so its like the fish is eaten then say I’m dead then hide wait one second then show itself again and also if the it is touching the octopus then say I’m dead.

this is the sharks programming. only the top bits change because that’s just forward, left, right and back are just the different bits. the programing is if touching the fish then wait 0.5 seconds then switch to costume b which is the chomping face then to c which is the chewing face all that’s if it touches the fish the bottom one is when it touches the octopus. the program for that is if touching octopus then say I’m dead.

this is the programing for the octopus this is pretty simple it is when the green flag is pressed then move ten steps then wait 0.5 seconds for ten times the there is a loop around it all so it goes forever so if the fish or the shark touch it there dead.


scratch project two

for this game we made a basket ball game. you have to be the basket ball and try and get it in the hoop without the dragon touching you.

this is the basket ball code. the only bit different is the top bit to make it make it move left, right and forward so now I will explain he bottom of the code. the bottom the code is if touching grey change score by 1 then say you got it in then go back to the bottom right corner.

this is the code for the dragon that chases the ball. the code is when start button pressed then point in the direction of the basket ball then move three steps wait 0.5 seconds so it is not so fast and if it is touching the basket ball then say your dead and a loop at the end.

simple machines

this is my attempt of making a screw out of connects this is one of the 6 simple machines. screws make stuff hold together. screws can be found in your house and they basically holds your house together

this is a wheel and axel. the wheel and axel makes something move easier and quicker. the wheel and axel is found in cars.

this a wedge. a wedge can split something in half like a axe. but a wedge needs a right sized hole to fit.

the lever enables something to move sometimes using electricity and sometimes not. one of the things that uses a lever is a door handle when the lever is pushed down the door opens.

the inclined plane is just a ramp that leads up to get to another higher point quicker. the inclined plane is can be found in buildings to help people get up the building faster.

this is the pulley the pulley has a little circle and string attached to it  and when one side of the string is pulls the other side lifts up. you can find a pulley in a crane the crane uses the pulley to lift heavy objects.

this is a project we have to do the project is to find a model on a instruction book but the model had to have one of the 6 simple machines the same ones as above. the one I picked is a pickup truck it has to simple machines in it one of them is a lever when the lever is turned the string pulls the string up so it can lift something, the other simple machine is a pulley the pulley works when the lever is turned the string runs across the pulley. I enjoyed doing simple machines a lot.



After we finished the connects part of the project we were allowed to do Lego WeDo. Lego WeDo just normal Lego but with a motor included so you can make stuff move. Me and Ishaan decided to make a forklift which we made with instructions. a forklift is a car with prongs on the front that can lift things up and move it quicker. it was annoying the first time we tried to build it because we accidently used WeDo 2.0 but it was easy to rebuild because we still had all the parts. me and Ishaan didn’t use all of the manual because we decided to make it move because the manual only showed you how to make the prongs move not the car. Over all the hole WeDo project was cool because after all the work you have done on it finally works.

ultrasonic sensor

challenge 1



the task was to figure out a way to make the robot sense a wall then stop and you had to make the distance that your sensor was sensing 20 centimetres.


now I will tell you what all the blocks on the program the first one is the start block which makes everything move the next block is the move block I turned the move block to on which means the robot will keep on going forever at the speed 40 until something is sensed. the next block is the ultrasonic sensor block. I started of by changing it to centimetres so I am more familiar with it then I put when something within 20 centimetres is sensed then stop. the first time it I did it didn’t work because my cable wasn’t plugged in properly. this challenge was really simple and it didn’t take a lot of blocks either.

challenge 2


the task was to get the robot to stay in a enclosed space but the robot is not allowed to touch the walls and it has to use the ultrasonic sensor.


now I will explain to you what all the blocks mean. the first block is the start block which makes everything move then move forever till something within 20 centimetres go back 0.8 rotations then turn 215 degrees of the wheel then a loop so it goes on forever this was also very easy.

humming bird

single colour LED

this was project 1.1 says change the 0 which is the second bubble to 50 but me and Ishaan  did 100 to make it brighter so the program is when space bar pressed LED will turn on and the brightness will go to 100

this task says that you have to figure out how to make it turn off when you press x. the program is when space key pressed LED turn brightness to 100 but when x is pressed LED brightness go to 0 which is off.

the task was to make one turn on then wait 2 seconds then turn the other one on then wait two seconds then turn off both of them off. the program is when space key is pressed one LED brightness goes up to 100 wait to seconds then the other one’s brightness goes to 100 then wait 2 seconds then both of them turn off.

the task was to get two lights but one of them has to have less brightness than the other and also after five seconds it has to turn off. the program is when space key is pressed one of the LED brightness goes to 100 and the other LED turns to 10 which means one is not that bright but the other is really bright.

tri-colour LED

this task says that you have to make a prediction about what is going to happen if you do this program I predicted that it will turn red first because the number is next to the r which I predicted might be red then it might wait because it has a wait block and in it is one second then it might turn blue because it is next to a b then it might wait another second and then it will turn red again then wait another second and then it might go off because there is nothing next to any of the letters that was my prediction and my prediction was right. it also mentions that you have to figure out how to turn it of I figured out that there has to be nothing next to any letters.

the task for 2.2 is to get the tri-colour LED to turn to a different colour every time you press a key but there has to be four different colours and they have to turn on when you press a certain key. the program is when 1 is pressed it will turn to red then when 2 is pressed it will turn to green then when 3 is pressed it will turn to blue then when 4 is pressed it will be a mixed colour between green and blue and at the end we put something that you don’t have to put which is when 5 key is pressed then it will turn off just so we can stop it from wasting the computers battery.

for this task you have to make the LED turn on when the tri-colour LED of and you have to do that ten times In the time of 10 seconds. The program is when space key pressed tri-colour LED has a mixed colour of 10 red 10 green and 80 blue which equals 100 then wait 0.5 seconds after that the tri colour LED turns off but while that is happening the single colour LED turns on then wait another 0.5 seconds then turn the single colour LED off then repeat that 10 times

this was the outputs now all the stuff below is about inputs like sensors.

distance sensor

this task was about trying to make the distance sensor measure the distance. We made it do what the task wanted us to do which was to measure the distance it was simple to do because they showed us the code we just had to plug it in. I am sorry that we couldn’t find the video.

this task was telling us that we had to make a red light turn on and a servo motor to spin when it has an object in 30 centimetre of it and when it has nothing within 30 centimetres of it the light should be off but we couldn’t get the motor to work so we just left it out. the program is when space is pressed if the sensor senses an object within 30 centimetres then tri colour LED will turn to green it is supposed to turn red but we did green but if it doesn’t sense any thing within 30 centimetres then turn the tri colour LED turns to red it wasn’t supposed to turn red it was supposed to turn off but we did red then the last block is a  forever block so the program goes on forever. sorry again that we couldn’t find our video.

the task is to copy that code that they showed us and then they told us that we had to figure out how to make it respond quicker. when we tested the program the motor didn’t move so we tried to fix it but that didn’t work so we didn’t know what to do we tried every thing but still nothing moved we tried changing the wait buttons but that didn’t work so we tried pulling all the wires out and putting them back in but that didn’t work we also tried changing the servo motor numbers but the motor still didn’t move we also tried closing snap and opening it again but that didn’t so we decided we will still show what we tried in our blogs.