Summary Blog Post Of Term 3

In Term 3 we did many things but we still aren’t finished with our project. Our project has been on an Arduino Drone and we have recently 3D printed the Drone Body. We have nearly finished working out how to make the motors spin. By late in then term we should have a flying drone. Here is a photo of our drone body:

Here is the motor which we have 4 of and the one at the top is a beetle board the smallest and lightest board we could get to hep power and code the drone, the one on the left is a Bluetooth module to connect the controller which is also a board which gets connected to the beetle by Bluetooth.

We also did a mini drone for testing here is a photo:

Here is a picture of the controller that is called the Esplora:

We are also trying to use these to power the motors:

We also did a prototype drone long before this here is a picture of it:

In the photo above it wasn’t completely finished but it nearly was. Thank You For Reading!


Design Projects Reflection

I liked playing this one a lot and it was fun to play and interesting as well. The only part about it that I didn’t like was the fact that all they did was make to wooden goals and 3d print a cover that they don’t even need, th3ey also did a tiny bit of hummingbird. The coolest part about it though is that if you don’t hit it to hard towards the edge of a table it doesn’t go of the edge. Another cool thing about it is that you can play it on a table with your hands or on the floor with your feet.

High Ropes Snapshot

Then I saw it. The High Ropes set was high up and looked like it would be very hard to climb up on. The silver ladder part at the bottom looked easy but the black staples hammered into the wooden pole looked like it would be hard to climb. Firstly, we put on all the safety gear. We had a blue harness that looked sort of like nappies. We also had a black belt looking thing that we wore like a backpack. Of course, there was also the helmet. The helmet was red and very similar to a biking helmet. Its only difference was that it looked a bit thinner and longer. After that we went to one of the high rope things. This one was a quite a thick log that you walked across. We were asked to volunteer, and Nick put his hand up first. The hook on the blue safety piece had a hook on it called the belay which has a string put through it which is connected to the belayers belay. Then the end is connected to the back up belayers belay and he weeds it through a thing and gives the end to a rope manager who holds onto the excess rope and puts it in big loops on their hand. When Nick went up he walked across the log and came down. How you come down is you face the belayer because they are not meant to be directly underneath you and you sit down backwards in you gear and keep your legs straight. Then they start slowly lowering you down and you must keep your legs straight and on whatever you were standing on for as long as possible. For the 3 jobs: belayer, back up belayer and rope manager there is a teacher doing belayer and students are doing the other two jobs. You must do a job on the high ropes obstacle before you can try doing the obstacle. The four obstacles were the log, which was a log you walked across. The tram tracks, which were two wobbly and thin metal rods that you shuffled across with no hands. Single rod, which was a single rod with ropes dangling from above which you had to hold on to. The leap of faith, which was a platform you had to climb up to which you then jumped from to hold on to a sideways pole and then let go and fall slowly. I did all of them except from the leap of faith, but I did the log twice. The second time I did the log was to see how fast I could do it. At first it looked very high up and scary but afterwards when I got up there I found that it was much easier then it looked. I recommend that you try the leap of faith and I also learnt that I really like high ropes and I am not as scared of heights as I thought. This was probably the best activity at camp because it was very interesting, and it made me happy when I was so high up.

RVE Belonging

In RVE this week we talked about belonging and fitting in these are some questions we had to answer:

–      What groups do you belong to? I am in groups in certain games and I am in a group with Hayden, Euan and Abhi for design and I am also in a certain social group but it is not mainly me its mainly my mum and dad.


      Pick a group that you belong to discuss what the benefits are of being apart of it?

Being in that design group with Hayden, Euan and Abhi allows me to work on a making an Arduino drone with them which is both fun and interesting.


–      How do the groups you belong to differ among you and your family members/ friends? I am in different groups with mainly kids and my parents are with friends and work mates mostly for their groups.


–      Are there any that are the same?

Well my mum and dad are both in a social group with certain adults and I’m friends with one of their sons and my sister is with one of their daughters which is sort of the same.


Thanks for reading!

Arduino Quadcopter

Tuesday Week 4

This was the first session for many peoples projects but we (Euan, Hayden, Abhi and Ishaan) had already done about 8 weeks of research. We got quite a lot of minor things done and finished the planning. Euan and I had forgotten our design books so we had to redo it by typing it up on our computer. We also continued our prototype and fixed an issue. The issue was that the motors for the cardboard prototype weren’t working because we had too much tape on it so it wouldn’t turn. We had tape on it so that it would spin faster because it would be held down, but we fixed that problem.

This is a picture of our prototype drone:

Friday Week 4

I was away in this session but Hayden, Euan and Abhi made a new prototype. It was very good and will probably fly but is still a work in progress.

Here is a picture:

Tuesday Week 5

The prototype drone broke and we are remaking it, we are nearly done. We have been making it and will most likely be done soon with the prototype.

Friday Week 5

Today we ordered the things we need for the actual drone and finished our prototype, the things we ordered are due to arrive next week. Here is a video of the prototype working:

Monday Week 6

The motors arrived and so did the Bluetooth module and Arduino Beetle.

Here is a picture:

The model name of the motor is Tarot MT2205 version 2.

Tomorrow we will try and get the motors to spin.

Tuesday Week 6

We assembled the motors and did the circuit. It didn’t work and we also started 3d printing.

Nest session we will try to get close to finishing 3d printing and also try to gte the motor working.

Thursday Week 6

The Esplora arrived.

Tomorrow we will try and get it working.

Friday Week 6

Today we got the drone body ready.

Tuesday Week 7

I was away today but Hayden made a 3D printed drone body prototype ready at makerspace.

Here is a picture:

Friday Week 8

Today we have got the 3A octos and we are trying to make the motor work and also start 3d printing the main drone body.

Here is a picture of the motor circuit and 3A octos.

We are not sure if the circuit is correct.


Tuesday Week 10

Today we are working on the expo. Next session we will most likely do the expo.


Friday Week 2 Term 4

Since the last lesson we have figured out that we need to solder the 30A optos with the motors. We also are now very close to 3d printing. Here are some pictures of us soldering:

I have also finished the double sheet in our design book.

That is what we have done.

Tuesday Week 3 Term 4

During this session wed continued soldering and did more research. We also 3D printed here is the thing we 3D printed:

Friday Week 3 Term 4

During this session I was away from school and quite a few things happened. Firstly Abhi ripped up all the soldering because even if we soldered the motor to then opto it wouldn’t fit on the drone body. Here is a picture of the updated opto’s:

The red and black wires will also be shortened.

Next session we will continue soldering.

Term 4 Plan

This term we are planning on trying to finish the drone and making the motors spin. So far this term we have worked out how to make our motors spin and we have also 3D printed our drone body. We are planning to finish by week 7. Basically all we need to do is finish soldering and work out how to make the layout of the drone and a couple other minor things. After we learn how to make the motors spin it is very easy to finish the project. After we finish I will probably be about to leave the school so that I can move to Ballarat on the Friday of Week 7. I am not sure what my other group members are going to do. I think Abhi is going to smash computers and build them with Gus and Max. Euan is most likely going to help Mitch’s group with their project and i think Hayden will go solo on scratch. That is my term plan Thank You For Reading!

Tuesday Week 4 Term 4

Today I will finish my Self evaluation and peer evaluation sheets because I didn’t know that we had to do them because we haven’t finished our project yet.

Friday Week 4 Term 4

This session we continued soldering and blogged a bit as well. The solderer didn’t work that well though so we didn’t get much done. Next session we hope to finish soldering.

Tuesday Week 5 Term 4

This session Abhi and Hayden where away and me and Euan tried to solder but it didn’t work very well next session we hope to finish soldering we only need to do a bit more. We also tried to flatten the drone body a bit because when we printed it it curled upwards here is a picture: 

Friday Week 5 Term 4

This session we plan on finishing solderer and getting the motors to work. We ended up nearly finishing all of them. Next session we hope to finish it.

Tuesday Week 6 Term 4

We are almost finishing soldering but Abhi, Me Hayden and Euan realised that we could make one of the motors circuit and test it though we didn’t have time. Hayden was the only one to go to Makerspace today and he made the circuit but didn’t have the code so we have the circuit but not the code. Next session we hope to finish testing the motor and nearly finish soldering and the whole drone project.

Friday Week 6 Term 4

This is the diagram for our motor circuit:

Here is the actual circuit:


Here is a picture of the results:

We learnt something though. We learnt that the battery has the right amount of power for the motor but the breadboard even with diodes (Very strong Resistors) cannot. We forgot to record it though. But here is a explanation of what happened. We all got plastic glasses and got the circuit ready then we got ready to connect the last wire. When I did it started smoking instantly and the motor started spinning at a good amount of speed. Then two of the wires and the breadboard began to melt. I then pulled the wire out the blue one above was the one I pulled out. All this happened in the space of about 3 seconds.

Next session we will hopefully nearly finish the whole drone.

Tuesday Week 7 Term 4


Friday Week 7 Term 4 

My Last Session!

Scratch and MakeyMakey

Makey Makey

First I did Makey Makey and I did it with Hayden. I didn’t enjoy it too much which is why I only spent one lesson on it but I still learnt a lot.

These are some pictures of us doing things with the Makey Makey and finding out how they work:


I had done scratch before this and enjoy doing it so this was lots of fun. Once again I worked with Hayden and we made a sort of chasey game where a dragon chases a knight. The dragon has a chomp button to eat the knight and must be touching the knight to score a point. If the dragon has more than 5 points it wins, if not then the knight wins. I was a little rusty with scratch because I hadn’t used it for a coupe months and had only coded for lego we do and Ev3 that term which are completely different to Scratch. Hayden soon updated my knowledge of scratch though because he uses scratch much more than I do.

Here are the costumes for our knight and dragon:

Here is the code:

Dragon Code:

Knight Code:

Here is a link to a powerpoint which shows the game being played in which I sniffle a lot because I had a runny nose:

Dragon vs Knight video-15kz1fl


Thank you for Listening!