beetle blocks

5C have been doing beetle blocks for our last rotation. For my goal I what to be able to understand what most of the blocks from beetle blocks and be able to 3D print.

In beetle blocks I have made a heptagon and a decagon.

this is my coding for my heptagon. This was the first shape I made on beetle blocks.

this is the coding for my decagon.



My goal is to learn and be confident with the coding on my Sphero.

lesson one!!!

In lesson one Claudia and I successfully made a full square use the bricks down below.

lesson two!!!

In lesson two we were asked to code a toss game.

Claudia and I successfully coded the Sphero and now the game works.

This is the coding for our Sphero to play the toss game.

this is a video of Claudia and I playing the toss game.

lesson three!!!

in lesson three we were told to make a spinning top Claudia and I were successfully able to make the spinning top.

this is a video of Claudia playing the spinning top game.



lesson four!!!!

inn lesson four we were asked to make the game hot potato using the Sphero.

it was a lot of coding and was a challenge.

this is a video of Claudia and I playing the hot potato game.


lesson 1 Java Script!!!

this is a video of our first Java script.

Java script is much harder then using blocks. when you use Java script you need to write the code but with blocks you place the blocks in the place that you want them.

lesson 2 Java script!!!

in lesson two for Java script we made the catch game.

this is the code for the catch game.



mini golf

                this is my first iteration

my goal: is to make a working mini golf and have a shark, crocodile, wave, surfboards and a bridge as the five obstacle’s. also to use humming bird to make the surf boards move and lights on the bridge and wave. 



I am working with Julie and Maggie and we are doing the beach. we have a shark, crocodile, wave, surfboards and a bridge as the five obstacle’s. we  used hummingbird to make the surf boards move and we also made the lights in the wave.

our fence is made out of card board and texters  it is to keep the ball I side the course. we are going to stick it with hot glue on to the side of the golf coarse.

we ended up not using the fences as they were not sticking. we tried using sticky tape, glue, hot glue and double sided tape.

this is what we have done so far it is the base. we need to connect the peace’s together. we have a shark and a crocodile on the last part of the course. we have a wave which lights will be stuck in side. we also have the sand part where the surfboards will go up and down.

our shark is going to be at the end of the course with its mouth open.we are also going to add teeth.

for dried up seaweed we are going to make paper seaweed for the base of the board.

we chose not to use the shark as it was to big for our board.

we had a problem when we were making our hole the plaster fell out of the card board and we had to put masking tape over to cover the hole.


this is a video about how we have glued our bases together

we have added a bridge to our project to add another optical to the end of our project

this is a photo of the bridge it has wooden blocks under the bridge to give it some Hight and to make support. in the photo it also has the hole we made the hole by using a drill then using a hand sore to make the finial peace of the coarse.

this is a photo of the wave on our mini golf coarse we have stuck it down on to the base. we have also added a sign that says lights in the lake. it also has rocks surrounding the sign.

we got our surfboards working and the lights working.