Year 6 Science what is matter?

today in science we learnt what matter is matter is anything that takes up space and has weight. there are five different types of matter the three most common on earth are solid, liquid and gas and the other two matters are plasma and be condensate. Did you know that matter is every where around you from the air you breath to the food you eat. the three most important physical properties to describe matter are shape and mass. Mass is different to weight if you go to space your weight will change but you mass wont, if you mass change it would make you smaller.


  • has mass
  • has a definite volume
  • has a definite shape
  • atoms are tightly packed which helps them to hold their shape



  • has mass
  • has a definite volume
  • no definite shape so they will take the shape of their container
  • atoms are further apart so they can move around



  • has mass
  • no definite volume
  • no definite shape but will take the shape of its container
  • atoms are far apart

this is what they look like.

today we learnt about chemical and physical change. chemical change is where something changes and you can not revers it to its normal state, like when you burn a piece of paper and it turns into ash. a physical change is the opposite of chemical change it is were you can revers the change that you made like if you rip some paper you can place them back together.

we also learnt how to be safe around our the equipment. such as dry ice, glass test tubes, if you have safety glasses you can wear them, correct mixing techniques and how to read the measurements.


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